Chrome E3 2003 Preshow Report

Strategy First's tactical shooter will be shown at E3 2003.

Chrome, a tactical shooter being developed by Polish studio Techland, will be exhibited at Strategy First's booth at this year's E3. The game is set in the 22nd century, an era where corporations struggle for control of a rare commodity called chrome. You'll assume the role of a mercenary named Logan who becomes entangled in some messy intercorporate conflicts over the precious chrome. The game includes more than 14 missions set in a variety of environments, including lush tropical jungles, icy glaciers, and rocky deserts and canyons. You'll also have to use your skills to infiltrate a variety of bases, including laboratories, military bases, and orbital space stations.

Logan has a number of tricks up his sleeve to help him in his quest. For example, he'll be able to use cybernetic implants that can increase his physical abilities, such as an accuracy implant that makes aiming weapons an easier task. Chrome also features a paper-doll inventory system that allows you to search dead enemies for useful items and equip them. Chrome's 18 weapons range from machine guns and rocket launchers to plasma rifles and sniper rifles. You'll also be able to drive eight different vehicles in both single- and multiplayer combat. These range from armored personnel carriers on up to shuttles and battle mechs.

Chrome's advanced graphics engine, which is capable of displaying in excess of 100,000 polygons per frame (even on modest PCs), is arguably the most interesting feature of the game. Lush jungle environments, replete with lifelike foliage, breathe life into Chrome's levels. Clearly, the engine allows the developers at Techland to create believably vast outdoor levels for Chrome. The game is set for release this summer for the PC. We'll have more information from the show floor.

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