Child's Play nears year's goal of $2 million

Penny Arcade-founded charity raises $351,000 at annual gala as total donations close within $50,000 of total goal.


The Child's Play Gala and Auction has become an annual event to encourage end-of-the-year donations to benefit children's hospitals. This year's affair helped raise almost one-fifth of 2011's total goal.

Proceeds from the Sixth Annual Gala and Auction raised $351,000 for sick children around the country, bringing the charity's donation total to $1.95 million for the year. This figure is just shy of the year's donation goal of $2 million and $250,000 short of last year's total.

Child's Play hopes to raise $2 million for children's hospitals this year.

Among the highest bid items in the auction were a Half-Life Gravity Gun replica, which went for $21,000, and a copy of Nintendo World Championships Grey #60 that sold for $11,500. One winner also secured a guest role to be drawn into a Penny Arcade comic strip. The price? $10,000.

Those wanting to donate this year can still do so by texting "GAMERS" to 50555 for a one-time direct $5 donation. For more on the organization or to donate, visit the official Child's Play website.


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