Charity Gaming Event - The Lame Game Marathon 2

Aussie gamers running follow-up 24-hour gaming marathon featuring "15 of the worst games"; all proceeds raised go to charity.

In late 2011, three gamers embarked on a 24-hour marathon to play 15 of the poorest-rated games of all time, with the goal of raising money for charity. Dubbed the Lame Game Marathon, their efforts resulted in an A$5500 donation to UNICEF. This year, the trio is returning for the appropriately titled Lame Game Marathon 2.

Looks like fun!

Like its predecessor, the event will be live streamed for its duration on September 22. All funds raised will go towards the Sahel Emergency Appeal. Audiences will be able to watch Dan and James Camilleri and Mark Dawes play through “15 of the worst games ever made”.

The show's hosts will interact with viewers through Twitter and Facebook, as well as the stream chat. For additional information, or how to watch the action and donate, check out the Lame Game Marathon website.

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Zorine Te

Zorine “harli” Te is GameSpot Australia's associate editor. She wants to save the world.

Mmmm, my geuss is Steel Battalion on Kinect is gonna be the highlight this year. Missed it last year but sure will have a peek now and then.