Chaotic PC Chaos Legion reception

Gamers encounter problems with the PC port of Capcom's PS2 action RPG.

Many PC gamers looking to join the ranks of Chaos Legion players have been finding themselves foiled from the get-go. According to an increasing number of posts on the Capcom forums, purchasers of the PC version of the Devil May Cry-esque action title have installed the game, only to find that their machines do not recognize the first CD, which is required for play.

Unfortunately, GameSpot staffers replicated the problem on three different computers, which would not recognize either of the two game CDs after installation. After purchasing a second copy of the game, our staffers encountered the same problem, which persisted even after our editors installed the latest patch.

For its part, Capcom is officially on the case. "Thanks for checking in with us and for alerting us of this," said a representative for the company. "We are aware of this and are looking into it to try to resolve things."

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A shame really, this is part of what critics raved on. I actually had no problems at all with the game.