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This weeks Chalk Talk we discuss the next console generation, the XBOX 720's the PS4's, WiiU's and what they mean to the community.

benleslie5: So are we ready for the next generation? I know that the Wii U is getting released in a few weeks time. I still think it looks like an I-pad but with a gamepad, however its line-up on games look impressive ZombiU is most likely going to be one of the best sellers during launch. read more.

AK_the_Twilight: Things are not as they were back in 2005. The gaming climate is not built on power anymore. Mobile gaming, tablet gaming, and social gaming are the trifecta of mainstream video games now. With retail game sales beginning to reach a sickening low, that hasnt stopped the original Big 3 from continuing on. read more.

SuperMassive20: If its one thing that is guaranteed to generate talk across the internet, it is whenever a new console is rumored or details of said consoles appear. But there are always two sides argued. read more.

Lucky_Krystal: It's possible to create an enormous, detailed world and fit it all on to one shiny blu ray disc. You have the most realistic graphics in video game history. You have sophisticated gameplay and storytelling, backed up by its graphics. Consoles also allow you to play online, go on the internet, watch movies on Netflix and Hulu, store music, make purchases, and watch DVDs and Blu Rays. What more could you ask for? A console that makes you a sandwich? read more.

Gelugon_baat: First things first: the technical designs of console machines will make it likely that game designs eventually hit a technological barrier. When this may happen is debatable, of course, but it is difficult to argue that it won't happen for certain. read more.

Peanut Gallery

In addtion to the fantastic blogs on GameSpot we also took a quick Community Poll via Facebook and Twitter to find out what others had to say on the subject.

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A very special thanks to everyone who contributed to this week's Chalk Talk! To read all of the entrants, you can check out this link here.

Extra Credit

Sometimes a good blog is simply a good blog, and these GameSpot members deserve recognition for their efforts and contributions:
- PS3 slim power switch By: blackwingzero
- War in the Eye of the Beholder By: pokecharm
- Vita is Golden! By: fend_oblivion

Next Week's Assignment:

With the recent release of the GameSpot Players Network, we wanted to take a moment to take a look at what makes you a gamer. We've talked about the general concepts, the outside perspective, we've stereotyped and addressed many of gaming cultures bigger pitfalls, but we have yet to look at the gamers we are as individuals. What do you stand for as a gamer, why do feel that way, what do you like about gaming, how does it inspire you to keep gaming. How do we define a culture that is so varied, is it even possible to break it down? Write your blog and submit it to the entrants page HERE!

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