Chalk Talk - Keeping it on the DLC

This week on Chalk Talk we discuss downloadable content. Is DLC the best way to add value to your games? Or biggest scam since the pet rock?

Downloadable Content (DLC) it can come in many shapes, sizes, forms and costs. For some it is a way for a game that would otherwise age quickly to maintain that fresh out of the box smell. While others feel that it is a slap in the face. Some remember the old times where additional content was a boon gifted to you by the gaming gods for performing a particular feat of strength. This weeks Chalk Talk GameSpotters discuss Downloadable content, does this nickel and dime action shake your faith in the companies you would otherwise support? Here's what they had to say.

pokecharm: Downloadable Content will be the lightning rod to any gaming discussion. Do you love it or do you hate it? I think its clear that my inclination leans one way, but that doesnt mean I condemn it, hardly. What people want to do with their money is their business, as I believe should be true in other ways, but not an appropriate sidebar to this discussion. read more.

ZanarkandTidus: DLC can add more game time to our favorite games or give us new weapons to use,new characters etc. to freshen up the gaming experience but often we have to pay for them and sometimes the new levels/missions are very short and often DLC is nearly the same price as a full game. read more.

g1rldraco7: Like most of us our favorite games sometimes need a little thing or two to expand our replayability. In this case I chose the DLC for Mass Effect as an example of why one can make the achievements in the game tedious and make you hate it! read more.

starduke: For me to consider DLC worth getting it had to add something meaningful to the game. New outfits and other odds and ends just don't make the cut. I'd rather be spending that money to add to my collection of hats then to buy them for my in-game characters. read more.

lim_ak: Post release content actually isn't anything new. It's new on this generation of consoles because they're actually online systems now but the concept itself has been around on PCs for quite a while. read more.

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Synthia Weires

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 @Gelugon_baat I've said it before and I'll say it again: revenue creates games!If a free DLC can receive such attention that it will actually encourage extra sales of said game, then so be it, but I think paid DLC is totally valid, so long as it was not produced alongside the game and actually adds value to the package.


 @Gelugon_baat Uhhh, yeah. That's why we pay them money. When has a game-maker ever willfully ceased to make games, anyway? That's pretty rare.


Certainly, but that's not necessarily true of every DLC pack out there. Things are different when you're talking about gigantic publishers, which, all things considered, are few in the grand scheme of things.