Chalk Talk: Forgiveness

Chalk Talk - A new way to show off GameSpot members blogging skills! This week GameSpot members write about forgiving the games industry.


This weeks Chalk Talk assignment is about forgiveness. For those of you who are unaware Chalk Talk is a new community feature that gives bloggers a chance to gain special recognition. This week we asked GameSpot members to write a blog about a gaming publisher, developer, or franchise they felt had wronged them and despite their actions they still forgive them and they are still willing to care for and support them.

Pierst179: Whenever there is passion, time, money or dedication involved, there will most likely be intense emotions, and to most of us gamers watching a company that is a favorite of ours do well is similar to watching your team win a championship, your favorite rock group walk into the Hall of Fame or even patching things up with someone you care for….read more

Sonicare:: Bioware had let me down. Always the master storyteller, they fumbled the ball on the one yard line. I dont think I've ever been that disappointed about a game, which in a sense is a credit to Bioware. The prior games had been so great that they set me up for this big fall. Had they not crafted such a great story and characters, I would have had less emotionally invested. Had they not set the bar so high, I wouldn't have seen it come crashing down so hard…read more

Azghouls: I would like to forgive a certain game that caused me grief and aggravation and lets not forget, wasted time during the unusual events that surrounds my adventures sailing the grand oceans. The game I'm referring to is Ship Simulation Extremes…. read more.

SuperMassive20: I started to get mad at Crytek, all the things that made Crysis the game I wanted to play so badly were gone! No more open world, no more tropical setting and a completely different looking enemy. The only thing that had seemed to have made it from Crysis was the Nanosuit. Instead of the enemy freezing tropical islands we were given New York covered in slime and sick people. A setting and a situation we have all experienced through games as well as other mediums a thousand times before….. read more.

-Saigo-: So what happens when a game developer breaks my trust? You guessed it: One and done. Peter Molyneux of Fable fame guaranteed a masterpiece with Fable 2 and lost a customer for life. Activision / Treyarch promised a new Call of Dut" game but lost my business when I opened another map pack. …read more.

Extra Credit

Sometimes a good blog is simply a good blog, and these GameSpot members deserve recognition for their efforts and contributions:
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Next Weeks Assignment: The Art of Storytelling

A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge. - George R.R. Martin

For next week’s assignment we want you to discuss video games in literature and its effect on the games mythos and history. In need of inspiration? Consider this; do video game novels have a positive or negative impact? Do you feel that some games in desperate need of deeper explanation into the lore or are some books simply tools used to coarse fans into spending more on their beloved franchise. If you'd like an example, check out Synthia's recent blog

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