Chalk Talk Contributing Editor Casting Call

We announce an exciting addition to the recently revealed GameSpot Writers Roundtable.

Last week we revealed the GameSpot Writers Roundtable, a new program dedicated to the amazing writers of GameSpot.

As part of roll out of this new program, we are announcing a casting
call for 'Contributing Editors' for the second edition of Chalk Talk.

When Chalk Talk was first introduced in June of 2012 one of the initial components considered to help make this feature unique was giving users the chance to appear as contributing editors. Essentially, this roll would allow you to choose the Chalk Talk topic, which blogs would be featured, as well as getting a byline as "Contributing Community Editor".

If you are interested in volunteering to become a Contributing Editor for Chalk Talk you can go to the official discussion and include; a brief bio about why you want to be a contributing editor, and the topic you want to write a Chalk Talk feature for.

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