CES 2001: THQ Announces WWF Game for the Xbox

The Rock makes an appearance as he and Bill Gates announce WWF Raw Is War for the Microsoft Xbox.



THQ has announced that it is developing WWF Raw Is War for the Microsoft Xbox. The announcement was made during Bill Gates' keynote speech this morning at the Consumer Electronics Show. The game is being developed by Anchor, creators of Crave's Ultimate Fighting Championship for the Dreamcast, and will be among the Xbox launch titles. It will include 35 WWF superstars, with new features such as the ability to grab clothing and the inclusion of randomly generated backstage areas. Additionally, the crowd will scatter when the action spills into the stands and wrestlers may be confronted on their way to the ring.

"We're delighted to bring the proven World Wrestling Federation franchise to Xbox and very happy to work with Microsoft," stated Brian Farrell, president and CEO, THQ. "WWF Raw Is War will absolutely shine on this exciting new platform. The hard drive capabilities, alone, will open up some very interesting options for us to explore."

"We couldn't be more pleased that WWF Raw Is War is being created specifically to take advantage of the awesome power the Xbox brings," said J Allard, general manager of the Xbox platform and third party relations. "It will be one of the key launch titles."

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