Cenega's Shade delayed

After demonstrating its third-person action game at E3, Cenega announces that Shade won't be out until next year.

Czech publisher Cenega has announced that the PC version of Shade: Wrath of Angels is now scheduled for release in 2004. An Xbox version is still planned, but it doesn't have an official release date yet. Cenega showed off a playable pre-alpha version of Shade at E3 2003 last week. In a statement, the company explained that "it has become necessary to delay the game for some months in order to ensure the other elements of the game live up to a great level of detail, as well as gamers' high expectations for this title."

Shade: Wrath of Angels is a horror-themed third-person action game that promises a wide range of terrifying creatures and an intriguing story full of plot twists. More information on the game is available at the official Web site.

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Shade: Wrath of Angels

Shade: Wrath of Angels




this looked cool. Kind of reminded me of Shadow Man meets Dead Rising. Was it a a Europe only release?