Capcom details Dead Rising 3 co-op

Online mode allows players to jump in and out of friend's game at any time with progression carrying over to their own game.

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Microsoft and Capcom Vancouver have released new details about the online co-op mode for the Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3.

In the online mode, players can jump in or out of a friend's game at any time. All progression and experience points achieved in a friend's game will carry back to their own game, Microsoft said.

In addition, all missions completed in a friend's game will also be registered as "complete" in their own, making it so players will never need to go back and replay a co-op mission.

In Dead Rising 3's co-op mode, players will drop into the boots of Dick, a "wisecracking trucker." According to his description, Dick sees Dead Rising 3 main character Nick Ramos as his best chance of escaping Los Perdidos alive and will play a "key role" in the story.

In addition to detailing Dead Rising 3's co-op mode, Capcom also revealed "super-combo weapons" for the game. This new tier of combo weapons requires at least three components to craft and features "unique abilities that let you decimate crowds of zombies with devastating effect."

Examples provided include the ultimate powershout (a concussive horn made of traffic cones), the ultimate grim reaper (a flaming scythe made of a katana sword, scythe, gas canister, and mask), and the massive bomb, described as a mini-nuke that obliterates all zombies close by.

Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One exclusive and will be released as a launch title for the platform on November 22. Its gameworld is larger than the first two installments combined.

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