Capcom burrowing Under the Skin

Mischievous new PlayStation 2 game will let gamers play an alien body snatcher who's wreaking havoc on Earth.

Last month, a Japanese-language compilation of Capcom game trailers made its way around the Web. While most games showcased were already known (Killer 7, Resident Evil 4, and others), one had viewers flabbergasted. With a title that translated as "Panic Maker," the game showed a shape-shifting alien-zapping pedestrian who assumed other persons' forms and generally ran amok on the city's streets.

Today, Capcom announced its plans to release the game in America with the English title Under the Skin. According to the publisher, which will self-develop the game, Under the Skin will follow Cosmi, an alien from the Planet Tric who has been sent to Earth. As part of this training to become a galaxy-class troublemaker, he must make as much mischief as possible.

By using Cosmi's "ray gun" to scan humans' DNA to assume their identities, players will spread panic and confusion, thus causing coins to fall from freaked-out bystanders. Cosmi must then collect these coins for points, and the greater the chaos, the greater the points. However, players must take care not to be caught, lest they earn the attention of a mob of very angry earthlings.

Besides its wacky gameplay, Under the Skin will feature cel-shaded graphics and several free-roaming environments. Players will also have a variety of tricks to play, including warping from one locale to another, turning people into bowling pins, and passing gas behind them.

Currently, Under the Skin is due to arrive on American PlayStation 2s this coming fall. GameSpot will have more information on this game as it becomes available.

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