Call of Duty: Black Ops - Rezurrection Impressions

It's zombies, zombies, and more zombies in this downloadable map pack, but the dead aren't the only things being resurrected.

After their unexpected debut in Call of Duty: World at War, Nazi Zombies became a beloved part of that game and were featured in numerous DLC packs. Call of Duty: Black Ops brought the undead back with a vengeance and has featured the shambling soldiers in previous downloadable content. Now the Rezurrection pack has arrived, and all five of the included maps are for cooperative zombie-killing play only. If you're more of a competitive multiplayer fan, then this DLC isn't for you. Rezurrection is a no-brainer for avid Zombies fans, but if you aren't sure you want to take up arms against the undead once more, read on to find out more about what Rezurrection has to offer.

Of the five maps in Rezurrection, only one is new. The Moon map starts off in Area 51, just before the arrival of the zombie horde. It may be tempting to try to earn some early points by sticking around, but it's advisable to make your stand near the teleporter, because things get out of control quickly. Once you are beamed up to the moon proper, you must scoot over and grab a pressurized external suit before you asphyxiate. Then, it's round-by-round zombie killing as per usual. The moon area is large compared to other zombie-killing arenas, and you travel through both indoor and outdoor spaces. Gravity is low, so you have to be careful when jumping or sprinting up staircases, because the time you spend airborne is time that you are slow and vulnerable. There are some new Wonder Weapons and a new perk (carry three weapons at a time!) available, as well as new enemies to contend with. Phasing zombies crawl along the ground and then teleport uncomfortably close to you, while astronaut zombies don a random gamertag from your friends list and shamble slowly after you. These undead astronauts are not as dangerous as George A. Romero was in the Call of the Dead DLC, but they're definitely still a threat. The longer you survive, the better your chances are of completing the various hidden tasks that reveal more about the strange saga of Zombies mode.

The moon is a novel place to kill zombies, but the other four maps in Rezurrection are much more familiar. Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, and Der Riese all appeared in Call of Duty: World at War, though most were available only through downloadable map packs. From a sprawling German factory to a remote swamp town, these four maps provide a good amount of variety, and folks who got their first taste of cooperative zombie killing in Black Ops will find plenty to like about the traps, perks, and Easter eggs these maps offer. Those revisiting these "remastered" versions with a veteran's eye won't find many significant differences, however. There are some updated weapons, and you now get to play as the quip-happy characters (Tank, Nikolai, Takeo, Dr. Richtofen) on every map, not just the ones released after their introduction. But these are still old maps that many players have experienced before, making the 15 dollar asking price seem steep.

The undead have no need for skin, even in space.

There's no denying that Rezurrection delivers plenty of zombie-killing amusement, and each level offers a different spin on the action. Whether these levels are fresh new opportunities or stale retreads depends on your experience, and how enticing this DLC is hinges largely on your desire for more of Call of Duty's distinct brand of zombie annihilation. Though Zombies mode can definitely be entertaining, it does tend toward repetition, so Rezurrection's singular focus on zombie-killing and its high price limit its appeal to all but the most fervent zombicidal players.

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