Burger King cooking up Xbox promo?

Fast-food chain looking at making its own $4 Xbox games and selling them with value meals.


"Do you want fries or an Xbox game with that?"

Gamers might be hearing that on grub runs soon, as fast-food chain Burger King is apparently looking into creating its own line of branded titles for use on the Xbox and Xbox 360.

Pro blog Kotaku was tipped off earlier this week to a survey being sent around by marketing research company Greenfield Online on behalf of the burgermongers. The survey indicated that BK was considering offering three games--a fighting game, an action game, and a racing game--that would be compatible with the Xbox and Xbox 360. The games would also sport a bite-size price, ringing in at $4 a pop.

Kotaku then reported that Greenfield Online "confirmed" the authenticity of the survey by threatening to sue the site if it didn't remove the story and conceptual images of the games. Kotaku refused.

Today the blog is going toe-to-toe with the King again, as it apparently linked to and posted excerpts of a FAQ on the Web site of Burger King's marketing firm. The FAQ was supposedly intended for Burger King employees to bring them up to speed on the game project, but the link leads to a dead page at the moment.

Still, Kotaku has posted excerpts from the FAQ with more details about the plans. Apparently the promotion is expected to run for five weeks, with a new game being offered each of the first three weeks. Although no dates are given for the promotion, it should start later this year. The FAQ indicates that it will run concurrent with a BK Kids Dance Dance Revolution promotion (likely consisting of DDR-themed kids' meal toys).

This would not be Burger King's first foray into games. The frozen-faced mascot known only as "the King" appeared as a trainer in Electronic Arts' Fight Night Round 3.

Burger King and Greenfield Online did not return requests for comment.


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