Buka announces Pathologic

Buka plans to release Ice-pick Lodge's first-person horror adventure game for the PC later this year. First screens inside.

Buka Entertainment has announced that it will publish Pathologic later this year. The game, which is currently in development at Ice-pick Lodge, is described as a nonlinear first-person horror adventure.

In Pathologic, players will assume the role of one of three characters investigating the mysterious town of Ancient Steppe. The town was built to house the employees of an abattoir but took a sinister turn when a lethal and inescapable disease claimed the lives of many of its inhabitants. Intriguingly, once the player has chosen which character to play as, the other two characters will continue to go about their business along with the rest of the non-player characters in the game--even working against the player on occasion.

Each of the three playable characters in the game will have a different nonlinear storyline, and the game will boast several different endings. We'll bring you more information on Pathologic as soon as it becomes available.

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