Broken Age Q&A with Tim Schafer today, send us your questions

Double Fine's Tim Schafer is joining us in the office today to answer all your questions and talk about his team's latest release, Broken Age.


Broken Age

Today at 4PM PST (7PM EST), Double Fine's Tim Schafer will join us in the GameSpot office to answer your questions and talk about Broken Age!

Broken Age started out as Double Fine Adventure, one of Kickstarter's most successful campaigns last year. The game raised over $3 million, and the first act is available now to everyone who backed the game.

We'll be taking your questions for Tim live over on the GameSpot Twitch channel (or watch the stream live right here on GameSpot), but you can get your questions in early by commenting below or asking us on Twitter using the hashtag #GSBrokenAge.

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