Bravely Default sequel planned

Producer Tomoya Asano is currently reaching out to RPG fans for feedback and suggestions for next game via online survey.

Update: This post originally did not have the link to the news source via Siliconera. The article has been rectified with said link.

While Bravely Default has yet to be released in English, the game's producer, Tomoya Asano, is already talking about a sequel.

Anyone clamoring for a Bravely Default sequel, even with the first game not out in English?

According to a Siliconera post, the producer recently created a list filled with 100 suggestions and changes requested by fans on the official Square Enix page for the title. Users can pick between five answers – Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, Indifferent – for each of the suggestions. These range from making the 3DS friend system from the first game easier to use, to adding more detail and explanation for each job in the game's job system.

The online survey is open until December 20. Bravely Default has garnered positive international reviews, and has been a big hit in Japan, according to local sales charts.

For more information on Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, check out GameSpot's extensive preview on the title.

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