Bootsy boosts sound of NBA Jam

Bootsy Collins adds flavor to the play-by-play and funk-heavy music mix.

Acclaim revealed today many of the tunes to be featured on the in-game soundtrack of NBA Jam, including the fact that Bootsy Collins will provide some original compositions. The company also added that the title has gone gold.

A Grammy winner, Bootsy Collins and his funk stylings were featured in a popular 2002 Nike basketball ad campaign depicting '70s-era basketball. Acclaim tapped Collins for three original funk songs, among them "Jam On" and "Big Ballin," which complement a series of licensed tracks.

Collins also serves as an in-game guest commentator for games (set in the '70s), alongside Tim Kitzrow, the classic play-by-play man of NBA Jam.

Acclaim says that NBA Jam is approaching basketball from the perspective of different decades, coupling 170 players (including 72 NBA Legends) with the culture and music style appropriate to the last four decades. Other licensed artists include James Brown, Peaches & Herb, Kool & the Gang, Rick James, and Bel Biv Devoe.

According to Acclaim, the official NBA Jam soundtrack includes the following tracks, sorted by decade:

Chuck Berry: "Johnny B. Goode"
Jr. Walker & the All-Stars: "Shotgun"
King Floyd: "Groove Me"
Smokey Robinson: "Tears of a Clown"
James Brown: "I Got You (I Feel Good)"

Kool & the Gang: "Funky Stuff"
James Brown: "Sex Machine"
Rufus/Chaka Khan: "You Got the Love"
James Gang: "Funk #49"
Peaches & Herb: "Shake Your Groove Thing"

Kurtis Blow: "Basketball"
Cameo: "Word Up"
ErikB/Rakim: "Paid in Full"
Rick James: "Super Freak"

Tag Team: "Whoomp! There It Is"
Bel Biv Devoe: "Above the Rim"
Deuce: "Dazzey Duks"
Jurassic 5: "The Game"

Bootsy Collins: "Big Ballin"
Bootsy Collins: "Jam On"
Grits: "Make Room"
Numbs: "Without a Doubt"
F.O.S. : "What Yall Kids Want (Instrumental)"
F.O.S. : "1,2,3 (Instrumental)"
SubUrban: "WhaddaYaLuv"
SubUrban: "On Tha Microphone"
SubUrban: "Freax"
SubUrban: "Car Ridin' Material"
SubUrban: "Word"

NBA Jam is due September 23 on the PS2 and September 30 on the Xbox. Acclaim says the franchise has sold more than 6 million units since its inception.

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