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Soap Club

Red Cross angry at human rights violations…in video games By: raven28256
Are you aware of SOPA? Protect the 1st Amendment. By: Falcon084
Why I Play, Continued By: DrFish62
Playing good or bad in Video games By: gamingqueen
Have money and don't play games? Think twice By: kagento

World of Games and Gaming

The Many Narrative Flaws of Uncharted 3 By: WTA2k5
Terraria By: Tee-3
Something amazing has happened By: charizard1605
Are narrative games the more intelligent ones By: VintAge68
Update 12/5/11 - GOTY Part 2 By: Iridescent406
There's no grey in the Plumber's Moustache By: adam1808
My Top 11 Games of 2011 By: newkillerstar27
Let's Talk: Yoshi's Island By: mmmwksil
Horror Done Right By: RangerFirePower

Off the Radar

Tamil vegetarian cooking By: iowastate
The Ides of March - Film Review By: biggest_loser
In Case of Emergency By: -Saigo-
Oh no she didn't!!! By: Sandpiper121PP
Finally…My private Home Theater By: MGS2244

Staff Fingerprints

Meet the man with the most absurd desk in the world By: shaunmc
Genre Fatigue Video! Thanks for your input! By: dannyodwyer

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crimsonbrute moderator

I have a few words of wisdom to share: "If you're too open minded, your brains will fall out. "


Woot! I made this list! Thank you, thank you! **bows repeatedly** Congrats to everyone here! GameSpot has some amazing talent in the community and you'd being doing yourself a favor if you took the time to read a few of the bloggers mentioned here! Well done to everyone!


Congratulations to everyone who was mentioned!:D