Blog Bunker: What Is Love?

Happy Valentine's Day! We have some special blogs to share with you (our Valentines) today. Enjoy!

Club Soap

The Epic Shooter Battle of 3's Retrospective By: Setho10
Why iOS devices get all the game tie-in love By: yeah_write
I used to be an iPhone user like you, then I took a Lumia in my… By: phazer

World of Games and Gaming

Twisted Metal Demo Impressions By: MudkipMaster30
Gaming conventions we take for granted By: BSte2952
Almost, but not quite #20: Gotham City Impostors By: Doomguard3
Game cravings - Side-scrolling action platformers By: mufujifi
Unreal Engine 4 By: SickHammer
Yagr Plays an Old Fashioned RPG By: Yagr_Zero
GameSpot: A Victim Of Score Inflation By: Rottenwood
Should You Buy These? By: Jbul
Sly Cooper 1 vs. Sly Cooper 2 By: kbaily
Memorable video games music (Fourth Generation) By: archvile_78
GDC has me especially interested this year By: nintendoboy16

Off the Radar

Single Awareness Day (And a Song) By: Feryraiser
Help me with recording gameplay footage, I'm bad at it! By: buft
May Comic Solicitations By: AtlanticRock
Is Love in the Air? Probably Not By: pokecharm
I'm starting to use Fuse more and more By: chicknfeet

Staff Fingerprints

I made a monster By: shaunmc
The meaning behind Breezing By…. By: JodyR
Game Delays and how much you hate them! By: Taytortots
round 2 By: CarlosRodela
A Manifesto of Sorts By: jwhdavison

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Thanks for the mention! I didn't even realized my blog was featured here until now, is GS not sending out PMs for blog features anymore?

DigitalDame moderator moderatorstaff

@fabz_95 Indeed!


@Synthia Haha, buying all the discounted chocolate the day after did ease the pain somewhat.

DigitalDame moderator moderatorstaff

@fabz_95 Yah my V Day went all down hill after the Resident Evil Tournament...


Yeah, happy Valentines Day... :cry:


Love is having a bag of chocolate candy and having no one around to bug you to share it with them. I love chocolate. Although, sometimes I do wish I had a girl around to share it with. Oy vey, maybe next year. Right now, IT'S ALL MINE!


My blog is up there :D happy S.A.D. ! (Single Awareness Day)

crimsonbrute moderator

Oh baby, don't hurt me. Don't hurt me, no more.