Blog Bunker: Shy Guys

The Blog Bunker Returns; this week, we have an awesome vlog.

The Soap Club

An Examination of Character in Gaming By: Uesugi-dono
My experience at Electronic Arts - Part 1 By: langrisser2005
Do we still need Final Fantasy? By: ax_prime_basic

The World of Games and Gaming

The thin line between real and virtual life (the illusion of reality) By: parkurtommo
2012 Anticipation: Games By: dylan417
Course Correcting Assassin's Creed By: yeah_write
Thankful for Metroid Prime 1 and 2 By: Aberinkulas
My most frustrating moments in video games… By: adit942
Co-Oping with big_dude2010 Moments, Resident Evil 5 Speed-run Time?! By: Curtis_Bundy

Off the Radar

Let's Watch: Tenchi Universe By: mmwksil
Hugo Review By: SaintLeonidas
Waste Land - Film Review By: biggest_loser


November Pick-Ups By: Bioshockraptor

Staff Fingerprints

New GameSpot Podcast incoming: We need your help By: jwhdavison
A typical work conversation between myself and Chris Watters By: shaunmc

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Its nice to see you return , and thanks a lot for the mention :)

DigitalDame moderator moderatorstaff

Who knows why those crazy data guys do what they do :P Though honestly I'm not exactly sure what brought on the change but I do know that it has something to do with keeping your account slightly more private.


@Synthia Why did you (you as in gamespot) make it that way?

DigitalDame moderator moderatorstaff

@parkurtommo yah normally I'd just link to the specific blog but ever since we changed the site to ~self its made things... tricky.


Now I have to start blogging again... but no time to do so! :( Still, it's back!


Good to see this return.


Oh, if anyone's going to take a look at that blog please note that since I've already made 2 other blogs already, that one is at the bottom of my profile.