Blog Bunker: Happy Hallows End

We have a few spooky-themed blogs in this week's Blog Bunker.

Soap Club

-Gamers Are Not A Stereotype - An Article Response By: Vaivod
-Do Games Illicit Similar Emotional Responses? By: davidalexande11
-Late to the Party: Thoughts on Mirror's Edge By: emtilt
-The Wanderer and the Colossus By: Uesugi-dono

The World of Games and Gaming

-Different types of horror and some good horror games. By: turtlethetaffer
-My first taste of death… By: GeekyDad
-Spending time with my iPhone By: mufujifi
-Channel Update: 17th October 2011: My Progress on Final Fantasy By: AQWBlaZer91
-To celebrate Sonic's 20th anniversary and Sonic Generations… By: nintendoboy16
-Record of Agarest War Impressions By: siberian142
-Notes By: AlmightyMax
-Very early Dark Souls impressions By: kfjl
-Q4 Video Game Preview Part. 1 By: ShootumUP26
-My Top Five Zelda Games By: kbaily
-The best and the worst Series : Developers By: adit942
-Late September 2011 Blog - The Non Gaming Side By: Shy_Guy_Red
-Top 13 Zelda Games: 8 to 10 By: Pierst179
-Sony's customer support did something right By: ChiliDragon
-New Review, New Poll, New Games, and Runner 2 By: kjhg53
-A Level 5 Success By: Setho10
-This looks both cool and lame By: raven28256

Off the Radar

-The Shining Movie Review By: AvatarMan96
-Gadget Review - Motorola Triumph By: ferrari2001
-Book review - Halo: The Flood By: Azghouls

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congrats everyone. looks like I have some reading to do!


"The Shining" is probably my best review, thanks for mentioning it :) Congrats to everyone mentioned here!


Regarding the post title, best holiday in the game, and they only made it better this year.