Blizzard and ESL to host StarCraft II Singapore Nationals

The 64-man tournament will go from July 28 until July 29.

Asian gamers hoping to see professional-level StarCraft II play will get their fill this weekend. Blizzard Entertainment and the Electronic Sports League (ESL) will be hosting the upcoming StarCraft II World Championship Singapore Nationals tournament on July 28 and 29.

The 64-man tournament will take place in the Funan DigitalLife Mall, and will also have a prize pool worth $10,000. The July 28 tournament will determine the top four players from Singapore. The July 29 event will determine the top player to represent the Southeast Asia region in the upcoming StarCraft II Asian Continental Finals to be held in China later this year. Four finalists from Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand will also be competing in the tournament.

Will Singaporean gamers get to see Archon toilet plays this weekend?

The first-place winner will receive $4000 and a sponsored trip to the aforementioned continental finals. The players who get second and third place will receive $2000 and $900, respectively. Gamers can sign up for the tournament here.

Gamers can also check out the live stream of the matches on July 29, starting at 12 P.M..

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singapore going to be interesting, I wonder if FXO is going to be there?


quiero bajar el juego como hago?



Is it just me or does Jonathan Toyad looks kinda like Grant from Mythbusters? ;d

fatee moderator

I wish I had time to be good at games. Oh well, at least I'm good at eating and sleeping in my free time =P



 Not in the slightest. Besides, Grant Imahara made a cameo appearance on the final episode of "Eureka".