Black & White on the Dreamcast

Sega president Shoichiro Irimajiri confirms that Peter Molyneux's next god game will make its way onto the Dreamcast.

At a late-night keynote address, held during the waning hours of Milia's first day, Sega president Shoichiro Irimajiri stated that Lionhead's work in progress, Black & White, will make its way onto the Dreamcast.

Currently in development at Peter Molyneux's UK-based development team, the god-game had previously only been confirmed for the PC. Irimajiri's statement that Black & White will be ported over to the Dreamcast gives Sega's console some much-needed variety in its 2000 lineup.

Irimajiri didn't specify exactly when Black & White would release for the Dreamcast. However, considering that Sega's system runs on an operating system very similar to that of most PCs, a relatively short development time can be expected.

Although not specified by Irimajiri, sources indicate that the Dreamcast version of Black & White will be handled by Midas Interactive.

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another cancelled Dreamcast game that would've been great. Dreamcast tanked.