Black & White add-ons

Lionhead Studios releases the first in a series of enhancements for its popular god game.

Lionhead Studios today released the first in a planned series of add-ons for its latest strategy game, Black & White. The first add-on features three new multiplayer maps--building blocks, firestorm, and island wars--designed for between two and four players. The new maps will be automatically downloaded by the Black & White game when players are online.

The future add-ons planned by Lionhead include outtakes from Black & White recording sessions, a Black & White music interface, villager speech, a Black & White chat feature, and villager soccer. These add-ons are scheduled for release between now and August 6. To see the complete schedule, visit the official Black & White Web site.

Black & White was developed by Lionhead Studios and published by EA Games. For more information, read our full review of the game.

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