Bit.Trip Core pulsates on WiiWare

Gaijin Games follows up downloadable Bit.Trip Beat with another challenging rhythm-based arcade-style game.

In March, Gaijin Games released the distinctive WiiWare rhythm game Bit.Trip Beat, prompting a slew of "Pong meets Rez" descriptions from the gaming press. Today, Gaijin Games revealed its next WiiWare project, Bit.Trip Core, which will likely defy such easy and apt comparisons.

Beep boop beep boop.

Set for release this summer, Bit.Trip Core puts players in control of an immobile cross-shaped cannon at the center of the playfield. The cannon can shoot a beam in just four directions, and any "bits" crossing it will be destroyed, yielding a suitably old-school gaming sound effect.

As with Bit.Trip Beat, the screen quickly fills with these bits, and as players successfully take them out, the sound effects will come together to form the game's soundtrack. Also like its predecessor, Bit.Trip Core punishes players for missing too many bits by muting the soundtrack and trippy laser-light-show visuals, underscoring how much those aspects contribute to the gameplay.

For more on the game, check out GameSpot's hands-on preview of Bit.Trip Core, or watch the video below.

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