BioWare opens online store

Three modules for Neverwinter Nights available for purchase and download.

BioWare, the developer of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Baldur's Gate, cut the ribbon on its online store today. The store will be host to purchasable downloads, and it kicks off with three premium modules for BioWare's PC role-playing game Neverwinter Nights. Kingmaker sends adventurers to a war-torn keep, ShadowGuard sees players' feats at the Imperial Academy garnering interest from the secretive ShadowGuard, and the recently remastered Witch's Wake solves the mystery of a prince's dying words. Kingmaker sells for $7.99 for the full version and $5.99 for the lite version. Meanwhile, ShadowGuard sells for $4.99, and Witch's Wake comes bundled with ShadowGuard for free. Neverwinter Nights and its modules are all rated "T" for Teen.

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