BioWare getting Irrational

KOTOR creator joins SWAT 4 studio as a comarketer of Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich.

Even superheroes sometimes need a little help. BioWare today announced that it has entered an agreement with Irrational Games to help market Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. BioWare, developer of such games as the dungeon crawler Neverwinter Nights and the upcoming Jade Empire, is now promoting the role-playing game from its online retail store. The release is being published by Irrational Games and distributed by Vivendi Universal Games in North America.

Tom Ohle, public relations lead at BioWare, said, "BioWare is promoting [Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich] to its 2.4 million member community. We feel it's a game that our fans could really enjoy, as it has many of the same features of our games: great story-driven, strategic RPG gameplay."

Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich is the sequel to 2002's Freedom Force, and it continues the superhero-themed role-playing action of the comic book-style characters of Patriot City. The sequel sees heroes from the original traveling back in time to join heroes from the past in their quest to stop enemies from World War II.

Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich is rated "T" for Teen and retails for $39.99. For more information on the game, read our full review.

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