Beyond Good & Evil HD hits PS3 in May

High-def port of Ubisoft's 2003 action adventure game gets release window for PlayStation Network.


Beyond Good & Evil HD

Beyond Good & Evil HD premiered on Xbox Live Arcade earlier this month as part of Microsoft's House Party promotion. Now that the party is over, PlayStation 3 owners are getting a heads up on when they can expect to play through the revamped version of Michel Ansel's cult favorite action adventure.

Beyond Good & Evil HD hits the PS3 beyond March and April.
Beyond Good & Evil HD hits the PS3 beyond March and April.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog today, Ubisoft confirmed a May launch window for Beyond Good & Evil HD. While PS3 players need to wait a couple extra months, Ubisoft is throwing in complimentary PlayStation Network card avatars of protagonist Jade and porcine Pey'j for those who buy the game within two weeks of launch.

Released in November of 2003, Beyond Good & Evil won critical acclaim for its mix of traditional action adventure elements with stealth segments, a picture-taking gameplay mechanic, and an engaging story of a young woman pulled into a rebel faction to blow the lid off of a planetary government conspiracy. The HD revamp features 1080p graphics, including enhanced character models and upgraded textures, as well as a remastered score.

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