Battlefield 4 to see return of Commander Mode - Report

GameStop promotional materials suggest Commander Mode and three playable factions will feature in Battlefield 4.


Battlefield 4

Promotional material used by US retailer GameStop suggests Battlefield 4 will see a return of the series' Commander Mode.

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The information is from a laminated sheet--which looks like it was produced by GameStop rather than EA--displayed in-store to promote pre-orders, which also states that the multiplayer mode will feature three different factions: Russia, China, and the United States.

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YouTube user "luger700" reports that the currently unverified footage was captured from two GameStop stores. A clerk is reported to have said the information came "direct from EA."

Commander Mode was last seen in 2006's Battlefield 2142, and offered one member of each team the chance to direct other players using a top-down view. The mode did not feature in 2010's Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 4 is due for release later this year. So far only Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC versions have been confirmed.

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