Battlecruiser Generations site launches

DreamCatcher Games announces that is has launched an official Web site for its upcoming space simulation game. New screens inside.

DreamCatcher games has today launched the official Battlecruiser Generations Web site, which, in addition to sections covering gameplay, new features, and downloads, incorporates a busy forum that is frequented by Battlecruiser series' creator Derek Smart.

Battlecruiser Generations is an epic space simulation game in which players will purportedly have the freedom to go anywhere, be anyone, and do anything in an enormous universe. One gameplay example given on the official site states that a player could command a massive starship with a full complement of officers and crew to a planet, pilot a shuttle down to the surface, and then lead a platoon of marines in a first-person-shooter-style assault on an enemy base. For more information on Battlecruiser Generations, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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