Battle Fight!

Have you got what it takes to beat the GameSpot AU team? Tune in to the weekly Battle Fight stream, where we set the score and you have to beat it!

Do you get a little competitive when playing games? You'll fit right in with Battle Fight! Each week, we'll pick a game and ask you to show us what you've got.

That's right--every week, the GameSpot AU team will be battling it out in the chosen game to see which member of the crew sets the higher score. We then invite you, our dear community members, to beat it. Show us what you've got and post the screenshot/photo in the forums or hit us up on Twitter @gamespot with the #battlefight hashtag!

Battle Fight! is on temporary hiatus. In the meantime, you can catch up with the

Episode 2: Mario Kart Wii
The GameSpot AU team battle it out again, this week it is to find out who has the best Mario Kart skills. Submit your score to challenge the winner!

Episode 1: Tetris
For the inaugural episode of Battle Fight, GameSpot AU had an internal Tetris battle for the highest score. Can you beat it? Watch the winning run!

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I ain't been practicing Tetris-oid games so, no, I suck at Tetris, but I have taken to a game that is puzzle-based which is QUITE A BIT more interesting and rewarding than Tetricality, that being Puzzle Kingdoms! Very nice, very recommend, very going to use it as an example of innovation among hybrids...It raises the bar.