Batman Arkham City Walkthrough

Holy toledo, Batman! Our Batman Arkham City Walkthrough will provide info about gadgets, a storyline guide, and locations of secrets.

What's New:

  • October 27, 2011: Version 1.2. The walkthrough now heads to Joker's movie theatre. We've also started the side quest section with a few Riddler Trophies. However, there will be more in the future.
  • October 21, 2011: Version 1.1. The walkthrough now goes into the TYGER base with more videos.
  • October 19, 2011: Version 1.0 of the Batman Arkham City Walkthrough is here. We are starting off with Batman's Gadgets and a look at boss encounters. Check back later for more info.

Batman's Gadgets

In Arkham City Batman will have a multitude of gadgets at his disposal. Many of these items can even be used during a fight.


Batman's most iconic gadget is of course the Batarang, a high flying double bladed shuriken that stuns enemies. It can be used in the midst of combat or to knockout unsuspecting targets. Don't let the Batarang's name fool you though, it doesn't actually bounce back or arc--that is until you purchase the Reverse Batarang upgrade. This pre-programmed Batarang will swoop passed enemies and knock them in the back, making it handy even if you've been spotted.

Don't fret, there is more than just the vanilla Batarang and a few sprinkles. Add a little chocolate to your bat arsenal with the remote control Batarang. This device will let you fully steer the Batarang's destination mid flight. But the true mint cookie dough rocky road rum raisin is the Sonic Batarang.

Super Villains provide their best thugs with Heartbeat Monitors. The high pitched noise of the Sonic Batarang will disrupt the armband, distracting and alarming any henchmen wearing the device. And for added pacemaker in the microwave hilarity, the Sonic Shock Explosion will preoccupy guards with temporary comas.

Batclaw and Linelauncher

If you're looking for a gadget with a little more ballistics try the Batclaw. Its main application is to grapple between roofs and ledges; but the Batclaw has many more uses besides a counterfeit webswing. Use it to tug on objects, grab far off trophies, disarm enemies, and perform tricky pull attacks during combat. Be warned, that using the Batclaw in the heat of battle is slow and can leave you vulnerable when facing multiple enemies.

Maybe a gadget that isn't directly offensive is down your alley. The Line Launcher serves as a slight improvement over the Batclaw for traveling across buildings. It will fire a horizontal cable that can be zipped across or used as a tightrope. By balancing in place, you can easily spot enemies, or descend with extreme prejudice.

Smoke Pellets and Explosive Gel

If you're taking on more than you can chew, it's ok to run away. The Smoke Pellets with shroud the caped crusader in a velvet fog, allowing for a quick escape. Use this to bewilder foes and get the jump from a good vantage point.

Speaking of explosions, Wayne's used his connections to smuggle explosive gel into Arkham City. The Explosive gel is mostly used to destroy walls, opening up secret passages where the Riddler has littered his trophies. You can also place down gel during battle, detonating one or more to stagger the enemy.

Cryptographic Sequencer

Maybe you're no fighter, more of a thinking man. For such a scholar, the Cryptographic Sequencer will allow you hack passed doors and breech radio signals. Most every device in Arkham City runs on Wayne Security, and thankfully you just happen to be Wayne. However, Hugo Strange has also placed in TYGER Security in the more restricted areas, so those doors and lockers will be inaccessible until you gain the mastercodes.

Unlocked Gear

Batman not only wields gadgets he starts with, but is resourceful enough to brandish new devices within Arkham city. One of the first is the Remote Electric Charge. This blaster can fire both positive and negative energy, making it handy to open or close doors, or magnetize metal. Like many of the Dark Knight other toys, the REC can be used during a fight to shock criminals, even those protected by beefy armor.

If you really want to grief the inmates of Arkham City, the Disruptor is just the item. Point and click at your victim and the rifle or shotgun in their hands will jam, leaving them confused as they fail to cap your bat behind. Further the Disruptor can even detonate mines within the prison, allowing you to turn an enemy's traps against them.

Last is a gift from good old Victor Freeze. His paten pending freeze grenades will instantly incase foes, leaving them open to a punchy-kicky combo. The Freeze Blast will also turn water to ice, creating platforms and bridges. Don't worry, Batman's on a diet so the ice won't break under his weight. But make sure the surface doesn't melt, or you'll be in a situation more fitting of Aqua Man.

Boss Beat Down

The hardest situations in Arkham City are the Storyline boss fights. From the super natural zombie Solomon Grundy to the cold hearted Mr. Freeze, you'll need to change your tactics and gadget use for the specific foe you're facing.

The Penguin and Solomon Grundy

The Penguin isn't one to get his flippers dirty--that's work for the hired mooks. And there's no better lackey than giant zombie gangster Solomon Grundy. This brute is far too tough to take on and even worse, he's healed by electric shocks. But his lifeblood is also his weakness. Lay down some of your bat mine and detonate each of the generators. This will leave Grundy open to a pounding.

The Penguin has back up generators, so you'll need to repeat this process a few times. Each time the machines are rebooted, Grundy will be a little more deadly. However, with some added quick dodging, your strategy should remain the same. If a generator lid shuts, you can still lay down an explosive to detonate once it reopens. Once Grundy is slain, the Penguin will attempt to take you on. He's easy to avoid and it only takes a quick combo to send him back to the Arctic.

Ra's al Ghul

The strange realm of Ra's al Ghul will distort Batman's senses, flashing between the dream world and the struggle in reality. You'll first need to win a bout with a group of sand assassins. Their blades should be avoided or dodged before being countered with a strong combo. Ra's will next make an appearance in the center of the map; dodge his giant swords and ninja stars, before shocking him with the REC. Quick dodging is key here, as being staggered by Ra's attacks will leave you open to another hit.

After a direct assault, it's back to the gaggle of sand ninjas. Tap the counter attack for each of them, or you'll be suffering from more than nicks and scratches. Ra's will teleport in for a rush down attack, so be extra swift about leaping out of harms way.

Ra's will once again take center stage, but with even more protection. You'll now need to be extra quick and accurate with the REC to gun down the immortal. After another counter and beat down, use your reverse batarang to send Ra's to his knees.

Mr. Freeze

Victor Fries is far too strong to take out in a direct fight. Instead, you must prove to be a master of stealth in order to cool down the good doctor. Freeze will catch on to your strategy and block off locations, making each of these sneak attacks a one time deal. First hide within the grates and pop out with and underground takedown. Second, you can also take the high route and bounce on Freeze from the upper banisters.

You can also use the standard slow and sneaky back attack; destroying one of the sculptors of Nora is a guaranteed way of distracting Freeze. However, after executing this maneuver Mr. Freeze will deploy icy shards from his backside, making him unapproachable.

Freeze is also susceptible to electric shocks and there are two excellent places to add some sparks. First wait for freeze to stand next to the generator and fire out a REC blast. A great spot to wait across the room out of view. The second electric zone is in the pool of water in the center. This time you'll need to lure the villain out and tap the button on the side.

After five sneaky beat downs, Mr. Freeze will come to his senses and will even reward to you with a parting gift: the Freeze Blast grenade.

Joker, Mr. Hammer and Titan

The fight with the Joker is stacked against you. The villain is not only a tough fighter but has help from an army of goons, a one armed mercenary, and a Titan mutant. Thinning the herd quickly is the key to surviving the fight, and thankfully you can manipulate the unique foes.

Abramovici will twirl when hit by the REC. This doesn't hurt him, but the spin can damage any smaller foe standing around him. You'll need to be fast with your shots, as not only do the clowns come in swarms, you'll have to be mindful of the funhouse cars plowing through the arena.

What really helps is riding the Titan. First clear enough space around your target and follow up with an Ultra stun. Pounce on his back and gallop through the opposition.

The Joker will often grab boxes and knives, making him both a nuisance and a threat as you attempt deal with his two largest lackeys. Put the clown Prince on ice with a Freeze blast to lower your chance of being distracted. After the help is gone, end your session by introducing Joker to your designer bat boots.


Grab some popcorn and soda, as the final reel is about to play. Actor extraordinaire Clayface will do is best to smash and slice you, but with quick footwork and evasion his blows are easily dodged. Your Freeze Blast grenades are the key to dealing damage. Once Clayface is downed, brandish Ra's sword and premiere the final cut.

But the Joker has one last laugh in the Lazarus pit. Chop down the clay constructs and Clayface will spring from his puddle. Toss a freeze grenade to make the blob frosty. Each time you chill out Clayface you'll need to destroy an even larger wave of goo soldiers. Breach through the crowd and toss one last ice bomb to finish Arkham City.

Medical Hostages

The Joker has increased the stakes in his war against the Dark Knight. Not only is he willing to take a shot at Catwoman, but has also captured TYGER guards and medics. Our video clip shows tips on how to save them.

You'll find the first of these hostages inside the church. Harley Quinn and a few armed guards will give you a warm welcome to the festivities. Unfortunately you can't just pound down enemies that have superior fire power. Instead, it's time to make use of those ninja skills. Throw down a smoke bomb that will automatically take you into Detective Mode. Be mindful of the Smoke Density meter on the right, as this will display how much cover you actually have from the cloud.

Quickly use the batclaw to grapple to the platforms on top. Swing the camera to get a lock on your next destination. You'll first want to take out the guard on the right by using a descending takedown. Now swoop ahead to the left side of the room. Here, you can use a takedown to smash through the barrier. Now once again ascend to the top before dropping behind the last two guards. Be careful to not alert any of the four Joker goons, as they will instantly kill a hostage.

The medics in the church are safe for now, but the Joker has traps inside the tower. Head up and investigate. After hearing Joker's recording, quickly smash out the window to avoid being cindered. It might have been risky, but this will lead the way to the Joker's base.

Hostage Inside Joker's Base

Inside the Industrial plant, Joker's got an army of gun wielding cronies. It's a little too much to take on this early, so use the tight tunnels under the grates to slip passed the large mob. You'll come across a smaller team of unarmed enemies that won't pose much of a threat.

Passed these goons will be another kidnapped doctor. Once again stealth is key here. Move slowly and use quiet takedowns. However, you can also lure the enemies by opting for drop attacks and louder takedowns. If you do get spotted, drop a smoke pellet and swing around the top to lose the enemies. When it's down to just the last thug, you can bust through the nearby window or just try a direct punch out. Rescue the doc and collect a new toy, the REC.

Mr Hammer and the REC

With the REC you have the means of getting into Joker's tree house. It has both positive and negative energy that you can use to swing the crane within the room. However, opening the Joker's doors will unleash the first of the Abramovici Twins: Mister Hammer. The above video clip will show how to combat him.

He's a one armed monster who can slam down with powerful force. It's best to avoid Mr. Hammer and concentrate on the many thugs supporting him. However, the easiest way to thin this herd is by targeting Hammer with the REC. Shocking him with your bat blasts will send the clown into a whirlwind, bashing into any allies around him. You can even set down explosive gel to stun other enemies that get in your way.

Once the smaller foes are knocked out, take on Mister Hammer with a combination of stuns and quick attacks. When he doesn't have help, this big oaf isn't much of a problem. With Abramovici devastated, head up to meet with the clown prince.

Penguin's Jammers

The door to the Penguin's lair is wide open. Unfortunately, within the first foyer is a gate powered by a Wayne security terminal. Under normal circumstances you could simply hack through this, but Penguin has jammed all hacking devices. Head back outside and sidetrack yourself by questing for the three jamming terminals. Our video clip shows locations and how to best the thugs.

The first of these is in a small nook directly north of the museum. What's nice here is none of these guards are armed at first, making them quick pickings. Watch out though, there is a bin full of machineguns that these guards can grab. If this happens keep an eye on them with detective mode. Guns in a fistfight is simply too unbalanced to leave unattended, so take them down quickly.

A short ways north east of here is the second jammer. All of these guards are packing heat, so you'll need to be stealthily. Pick each of them off one by one, but watch out for the heartbeat monitors. Each time you take out a thug, the others will quickly run to his locations. Either get away quick or use this time to set up a sneaky trap.

The last jammer is deep in the Akrham City subway. Once again stealth is great here. Use the rafters and train cars to stay hidden; dash quickly and escape if you're caught, and of course use the heart beat monitors to scare and entrap the Penguin's men.

With all three jammers taken down, you can safely waltz into Penguin's base of operations.

Titan and Mr Sickle

The Penguin hardly has the time to personally deal with the Caped Crusader. He'll deploy an army of foes both loyalty to himself and those vying to join the ranks. The first wave isn't so bad, as the plethora of enemies aren't actually strong. You can clear the group with just quick counter attacks.

However, Penguin has a Titan mutant to sic on you. To deal with brute go for an ultra stun. This will allow you climb on board and manipulate the beast. Make use of both the ground pound and charge to take out additional waves of enemies. The former is easier to use, as steering the giant can be troublesome. Once all the lesser enemies are down, take down the Titan with a final combo. Our video clips shows how to take down the Titan and the next major enemy.

Escape from the rage in the cage with help of your remote batarang. You can steer your bat toy right over the gates and into the switches controlling the doors. Proceed onward, up the elevator and into the second floor.

This pool of water is covered in thin ice. Move very slowly over the frozen water and near the rafts. Use your batclaw to pull and tug to your intended destination. To the left room is Mr. Freeze, while is suit is to the right. You will need to traverse both eventually, but to avoid backtracking go to Freeze first.

Freeze seems to be guarded by a few meager thugs. You can even get the jump on them by brandishing the cryptographic sequencer and disabling the alarm systems. This is a good idea either way, as sounding the alarm would most likely summon more trouble. Passed the first group of thugs will be Mr. Freeze locked in a display. However, the second Abramovici Twin will be waiting there for an assault.

Mr. Sickle fights very similar to his other half, Mr. Hammer. The strategy remains the same where you can use the REC to spin the one armed man and force him to knock out his helpers. This fight is rather short as only a handful of Penguin thugs are there to assist Abramovici.

Once the second brother is downed, unlock Mr. Freeze to discover your next task. It's now time to track down Freeze's suit through the other room passed the frozen water.

Ninjas and Robots

Mr. Freeze needs a special ingredient to finalize the serum, and it seems our lovely ninja friend has the answer. Switch to detective mode and you'll be able to track the ninja's blood trail. This will eventually lead you to the roofs of Arkham city where you will need to perform a counterattack and place a tracker on the ninja. If you want to see the actual location, check out the video clip above.

This tracker will lead you to a hole guarded by the Joker's men. Wait for them to disburse before dive bombing through the gap and down into the Gotham sewers. As you follow the tracker signal you'll need to make use of your line launcher to get over some of the various fractures.

Joker's thugs are huddled in key locations. For the first of these positions you can drop down the wooden flooring or use explosive gel to take on several enemies. This will eventually lead to to a TYGER elevator where more of Joker's gang is stationed. One of them has a jammer backpack that will halt the use of detective mode. Not being able to see your target's locations is a giant hindrance, so the backpacker should be your first target. Clear out the rest of Joker's team and you can continue your pursuit of the ninja.

You'll soon enter Wonder City and will need to scan all of the broken robots within the area. Once again detective mode will make this rather easy. Be ready for combat though, as each time you download enough information from the robots, ninjas will ambush you. Dodging and blade countering is the best way to deal with these surprise attacks and overall aren't much of a challenge. Once you decode all the robots, head to the secret entrance and meet with the assassin leaders.

Demon Flight

So this is how an al Ghul sees the world. To prove your worth as a successor to the Lazarus pit you will need to fly across the crystal platform within this dream realm. To build up momentum for these long flights you will actually need to quickly dive bomb before quickly pulling back up. In most cases diving deeper will allow you to glide higher in the end. If you happen to fall a bit short of your landing, you can always take out the batclaw and grapple the remaining distance.

If you're having trouble with the glding timing, check out the above video. On some of the crystal platforms Ra's will summon up sand assassins to deal with. These enemies act similar to the ninja you faced in the real world, so use the same strategy of dodging and blade counters. You can also push the assassins off the sides to quickly eliminate them; overall this is among the most effective strategies.

Joker Waterways

The Joker has beefed up his security, so the only means of getting back inside is through the waterways under the industrial facility. First toss down your freeze blast grenade to make an ice raft. You'll need to ride rather close to some spinning blades, but if you climb up the ridged panels quickly you will advance shortly before your ride is broken.

The water's currant isn't very strong, so you'll be required to use both the batclaw and line launcher to reach further platforms. About half way through will also be a locked door and a fuse box on the other side. Toss your remote control batarang through the small hole, into the electric wave, and quickly U-turn back to the fuse box.

After your little detour, you'll be back inside the Joker's base. It's the exact same rooms you fought in to recover the REC and rescue the doctor so long ago. This time around there are even more enemies, some with even night vision. Since staying hidden is so important, be sure to take out any enemy that is equipped with special goggles or other devices.

In the next area will be a lone sniper. Use can easily get through by just ducking, but the batclaw disarm is also an excellent means of turning the shooter docile. Soon you'll find Harley Quinn, who can be interrogated to learn about Joker's location. Pursuing the clown prince will lead to the next boss beat down.


You'll need to find the TYGER mastercodes by scanning one of the active helicopters flying around Arkham City. Using detective mode everywhere will help the most to keep things sorted. Orange helicopters are the ones yet to be scanned, while blue ones are the ones that have been scanned yet lack the code. Our video clip shows where we found the TYGER code.

Be sure to grapple on to each helicopter from the side. If you attempt swinging from the front, the chopper pilot may open fire. In these cases get away fast to avoid the rapid speed bullets. The radio will let you know when the nearby pilots have you in view or are interested in other targets. Further, get away from any building or location that the TYGER guards are about to bomb. Even with high armor, these explosions can be powerful enough to turn you into bat dust.


Inside the TYGER faculty you'll have to fight through enemies with a variety of different weapons and gears. Some of them will opt for the rather annoying shields, thrown items, or even machineguns. However, the new toy is the stun rod. You can't directly attack anyone wielding these, but can instead dodge and use a back attack. Check the above video if you want more tips for this fight.

To make things worse, at least one of the enemies will be armored, making it hard to both disarm and knock them out. It's easy to spot the armored TYGER guard by his gaudy red vest and matching beret. It's actually easier to ignore this armored enemy until you've cleared everyone else out. Until then, let him grab up a less lethal weapon (such as a stun rod or shield), as this will prevent the other foes from arming themselves with an extra weapon.

Wondrous Hugo Strange

After the fight with the TYGER guards it's time to head up to the top of Wonder Tower to face Strange himself. From the TYGER facility, head into the sewers. You'll emerge back at the elevator where you saved the nurse from Joker's enemies. TYGER guards are all around, so it's time once again to make use of your predator skills. They have night vision goggles but are otherwise the same as every other stealth section encountered up to this point. If you have the upgrade to cancel out night vision this encounter will be even easier.

Once these enemies are eliminated, head up the elevator. Don't wait for it to stop at the top floor, though. Instead use your batcalw to ascend even higher. In the mean time TYGER guards will be setting up an ambush. However, if you used your batclaw to make it to the top, it will be you who gets in the surprise attack. As always, defeat the enemies that have weapons first. If the armored TYGER guard gets his hands on a rifle, be sure to stun him right away. Nothing is worse than a heavily defended foe that can dish out fast damage.

After these guards, it's time to climb the rest of Wonder Tower. This section is very straight forward, though you can use your batclaw to grapple onto ledges if you happen to fall. There are a few TYGER helicopters flying around, but as long as you stay out of their lights you'll be able to ascend unnoticed.

You'll finally locate Hugo Strange, who is guarded by a few more guards. Since they are armed, predator stealth is the safest way to take them out. Hiding in the grates or lurking on the outside ledges is the easiest method for handling these enemies. If you do get noticed, throw down a smoke pellet and get away. You can even hang from the balconies and escape through the lower vents. Check out the above video if you're still having problems.

Joker Snipers

The last confrontation is inside the movie theatre. To keep you busy, the Joker has set up a gang of snipers to guard his last stand. Our video clip shows how we took care of this problem.

The best method is to use silent takedowns. This will avoid any form of cross fire from the other snipers. If you do get detected, get out of their quickly. Even with upgraded armor you can only withstand a few sniper headshots. The easiest target is standing just across from the bar and lounge pictured above. After taking him out, head over to the left and take out the guard on the lower bridge (Near the Arkham billboard and live nudes sign). From here it's just a matter of moving around clock wise to take out the rest of the snipers.

You can use the same method on the last two Joker thugs outside the main doors. However, for some extra joy switch to the disruptor and disable their weapons. With their guns out of order, drop down and smash their skulls in. Ahead is the final boss battle, which can be seen in the boss beat down section.

Riddler Trophies Part 1

After meeting the Joker for the first time you can head back to the church that safe housed the medical team. Upon returning you'll gain a message from the Riddler. You'll need to solve his puzzles and locate trophies to rescues the medics.

You could walk around and try to locate evey trophy on your own, but it's much faster to interrogate Riddler informants. These enemies will always appear in green, even out of detective mode. Get in a fight with their allies, but leave the informant standing last. A prompt will appear to interrogate them, even if they are armed or armored. Obviously this process can get tough if the informant has a stun rod, gun, or knife. Try to disarm them, but don't knock them out. The informant will reveal all the nearby secrets, including quizzes and trophies.

The above clip shows some of the trophy solutions in the northern section of Arkham City, spreading from Park Row to the edge of Amusement Mile. You'll need to use a mix of gliding, gadgets, and sheer speed to solve these. There are several hundred secrets in Arkham City, and will try to cover as many as possible.

Xbox 360 Achievements

Achievements Name How To Earn Reward
50x Combo Complete a combo of 50 moves (any play mode, any character) 5
Acid Bath Save the damsel, but is she in distress? 10
Aggravated Assault Stop all assaults in Arkham City 15
AR Knight Complete all augmented reality training exercises 25
Bargaining Chip Reunite the separated couple 15
Brainteaser Rescue the fifth hostage from Riddler 40
Broken Toys Destroy it all 25
Bronze Revenge Obtain 24 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps (as Batman) 10
Campaign Bronze Obtain 24 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman) 10
Campaign Gold Obtain all 108 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman) 40
Campaign Silver Obtain 72 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman) 20
Catch Find someone to play remote Batarang catch with 5
Chimney Sweep There is only one way in 10
Communication Breakdown Clear the airwaves 10
Contract Terminated Stop the contract operative 25
Conundrum Rescue the first hostage from Riddler 20
Dial Z for Murder Stop the phone booth killer 25
Distress Flare Answer the call for help 5
Exit Stage Right All the world is a stage 50
Flawless Freeflow Fighter 2.0 Complete one combat challenge without taking damage (any character) 5
Forensic Expert Collect enough evidence to locate the gun for hire 10
Freefall Don't look down 25
Fully Loaded Collect all of Batman's gadgets and upgrades 10
Gadget Attack Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight (any play mode) 5
Genius Rescue all the hostages from Riddler 50
Ghost Train Fight for survival 25
Gladiator Last man standing 10
Gold Revenge Obtain all 72 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps (as Batman) 40
Gotham Base Jumper Jump off the tallest building in Arkham City and glide for 1 minute without touching the ground 5
Hide and Seek A deadly game of hide and seek 25
I'm Batman Become the Bat 10
Intellectual Rescue the fourth hostage from Riddler 30
IQ Test Solve the first riddle 10
Lost And Found Uncover the secret of Arkham City 10
Mastermind Rescue the second hostage from Riddler 20
Mystery Stalker Reveal the mystery watcher 15
One Armed Bandit Hammer the point home 10
Pay Your Respects A moment of remembrance 5
Perfect Freeflow 2.0 Perform a perfect combo including all of Batman's combat moves (any play mode) 5
Perfect Knight - Day 2 Main Story, Side Missions, Upgrades, Collectables, New Game Plus and Riddlers Revenge (as Batman) 75
Puzzler Rescue the third hostage from Riddler 30
Ring Ring Answer a ringing phone 5
Sand Storm We are legion 25
Savior Save the medical volunteers 10
Serial Killer Track down the serial killer 25
Silver Revenge Obtain 48 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps (as Batman) 20
Stop the Clock Time is running out 15
Story Teller Have 12 murderous dates with Calendar Man 10
Twice Nightly Complete New Game Plus 75
Wrecking Ball Stop the unstoppable 25

PlayStation 3 Trophies

Trophy Name How To Earn Reward
50x Combo Complete a combo of 50 moves (any play mode, any character) Bronze
Acid Bath Save the damsel, but is she in distress? Bronze
Aggravated Assault Stop all assaults in Arkham City Bronze
AR Knight Complete all augmented reality training exercises Silver
Bargaining Chip Reunite the separated couple Bronze
Brainteaser Rescue the fifth hostage from Riddler Silver
Broken Toys Destroy it all Silver
Bronze Revenge Obtain 24 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps (as Batman) Bronze
Campaign Bronze Obtain 24 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman) Bronze
Campaign Gold Obtain all 108 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman) Silver
Campaign Silver Obtain 72 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman) Bronze
Catch Find someone to play remote Batarang catch with Bronze
Chimney Sweep There is only one way in Bronze
Communication Breakdown Clear the airwaves Bronze
Contract Terminated Stop the contract operative Silver
Conundrum Rescue the first hostage from Riddler Bronze
Dial Z for Murder Stop the phone booth killer Silver
Distress Flare Answer the call for help Bronze
Exit Stage Right All the world is a stage Silver
Flawless Freeflow Fighter 2.0 Complete one combat challenge without taking damage (any character) Bronze
Forensic Expert Collect enough evidence to locate the gun for hire Bronze
Freefall Don't look down Bronze
Fully Loaded Collect all of Batman's gadgets and upgrades Bronze
Gadget Attack Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight (any play mode) Bronze
Genius Rescue all the hostages from Riddler Silver
Ghost Train Fight for survival Silver
Gladiator Last man standing Bronze
Gold Revenge Obtain all 72 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps (as Batman) Silver
Gotham Base Jumper Jump off the tallest building in Arkham City and glide for 1 minute without touching the ground Bronze
Hide and Seek A deadly game of hide and seek Silver
I'm Batman Become the Bat Bronze
Intellectual Rescue the fourth hostage from Riddler Bronze
IQ Test Solve the first riddle Bronze
Lost And Found Uncover the secret of Arkham City Bronze
Mastermind Rescue the second hostage from Riddler Bronze
Mystery Stalker Reveal the mystery watcher Bronze
One Armed Bandit Hammer the point home Bronze
Pay Your Respects A moment of remembrance Bronze
Perfect Freeflow 2.0 Perform a perfect combo including all of Batman's combat moves (any play mode) Bronze
Perfect Knight - Day 2 Main Story, Side Missions, Upgrades, Collectables, New Game Plus and Riddlers Revenge (as Batman) Gold
Puzzler Rescue the third hostage from Riddler Bronze
Ring Ring Answer a ringing phone Bronze
Sand Storm We are legion Silver
Savior Save the medical volunteers Bronze
Serial Killer Track down the serial killer Silver
Silver Revenge Obtain 48 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps (as Batman) Bronze
Stop the Clock Time is running out Bronze
Story Teller Have 12 murderous dates with Calendar Man Bronze
Twice Nightly Complete New Game Plus Silver
Wrecking Ball Stop the unstoppable Silver
Platinum Congratulations! Platinum

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Is there a way to print these hints off?  They do me no good in my office upstairs while I am playing on my 360 downstairs.  If not, please restore the PDF option that you had previously.  Thanks!!


please can anyone help i was playing my batman game i rescued the dr's then played a little while longer but then didnt play for awhile had a heap of dramas now i wanna play again but all it says is i have done 69% but it doesnt tell you where your up to or nothing please can you help me out anyone i am begging you now.

email on  please or feel free to sms it to 0408828259.

I am an older gamer but very new to whole seen but the grandkids are teaching me but if i can get this worked out they wont think im such a noooooob.


how do you do the cooling room in the steel mill??



how do you switch costumes in game +?




vardhan - Side missions count in completion %.  Have you done all of those too, or just the main storyline mode.  Yuna - Project titan will happen no matter what. There is no need to rush when you are in between missions.


hi every one.....i've been through all the missions and left out with riddlers trophies and still it shows 54% completion of the game........can any one tell wat to do for further missions???


every now and then, hugo strange keeps counting down the time to project titan. Does that matter, do i need to rush through the game in order to stop him or does it happen by itself no matter what? thanks


SPOILER: Talia cannot be saved. She does die. Just let the game run through then continue playing. Good luck with the rest of the game. It took me awhile to beat it but I did unlock everything.


who know how to save talia from ras ghul?...i can't reverse batarang and can't move....i stuck in there....i can't do anything...

what must i do?....




Help! Have got to the end where Talia is hostage but can't do anything. I don't have the reverse batarang and nothing else will work, can't even move!!!! Any other way of doing this?


thanks for no help at all people... but I kept serchin popular ? and found the answer


this is drivin me nuts!!!  Im goin in circles in the subway terminal.... where is the vent that  leads  me to the thirteen hostiles that are supposed to be Above me



I've collected all 440 riddler trophies and answered all the riddles for both batman and catwoman.  I've finished the storyline, and completed every side mission.  But only half of my challenge maps are unlocked?!  How do you unlock the challenge maps? 


@mooerfeus You have to buy them over the store or get redeem codes


how do I unlock the Bat's costumes?


i discovered three hostages location & 116 trophies. there is too many of them!


any body know where the catwoman walkthrough is??


I play pc version but I cant find jammer.I looked everywhere but I didnt find any jammer.Whats the problem?please help me.




How do you view a walkthrough on a mobile device like a tablet? I can only get to the mobile site where I can find any walkthroughs. And hey; where's the downloadable version!?


seems like a lot of people keep getting stuck in the same spot all u do is talk to mr freeze first and then u go back to the suit and batman will automatically get the disruptor i 've beat the the game twice first on easy then on normal and now i'm playing through story mode plus which is hard as hell well i guess just the combat because there are no reversal indicators but i'm getting used to it and its getting a little easier the further i get into the game and i guess u really have to be on your toes more too in predator type environments they can spot u a lot easier and hear u if u start running near near them


mfarrukh453: stand infront of the suit. If you are in the correct position, the game will tell you to press the "A" button. (xbox 360 version)


Ok, I found the suit but cant get the disruptoe out of it. HELP


@greywolf_42 Please tell me where is his suit in Armory. I cant find it


Someone please tell me how to get the disruptor of Freeze' gun? I went into the Armory and took out all the six guys and nothing happened. I have rescued all other officers and just two are lef tin the Iceburg lounge with Penguin but when I go there, Batman says he needs to disable the gun with disruptor, but I cant find the Freeze' suit. PLEASE HELP


After beating Ra's Agul, as I am returning through the sewers, I come run into Killer Croc. Croc won't fight because he "smells death" on Batman. After Croc dives under water, I CANNOT unlock the metal gates to continue. Can someone tell me how to advance past this location ??


for people wondering if it's hard game coming from someone who generally sucks at games, i think the 1 Augmented Reality training objective is a 9 or a 10 on the scale as opposed to pretty much every other thing in the game being a 5 in terms of difficulty. but it's not even necessary, it's for an acheivement, though it may be required for 100% game.


thanks but we have read this on the achievements menu in xbox,I mean what does "stop the unstoppable" actually mean?


How do I get the Disruptor from Fries' Suit? I went to the Ice Lounge, back to the war room and according to the paper guide, I'm supposed to get an Ice Gun Disruptor when I return to Fries' suit. Well, nothing. Just Penguin yammering the same thing if I press 'Use' and zapped if I try to pick up the Riddler trophy meant for Catwoman. Anyone have this yet? What do I have to do, or who do I have to kill to get it? So, it turns out I had the Armory confused with the War Room, a room I came across completely by accident. Once you survey the War Room and try to leave, some baddies come after you and you have to beat down the huge Scythe guy. There was an inmate that was marked for interrogation, but I accidentally knocked him out. No doubt he would have told me all I had to do was talk to Mr. Freeze, then after some useless banter, go back to the armory and just walk up to the suit and voila, the disruptor is in my hands. It wasn't difficult to knock out Penguin, in fact too easy. Solomon Grundy, well I quit the game for the night and I'll work out how to beat him another day. BTW, spent an entire night restarting on Normal mode thinking that maybe I couldn't get the disruptor in easy mode, but the frozen cops were giving me the answer all along and I just didn't see it. Thanks for the help everyone!


Please put these hints up as pdfs again.


Excellent game. I'm on the part where Batman fights the Joker but I can't seem to beat it :p


I am not yet proficient in the combat mechanics, even in Arkham Asylum, therefore the game seems challenging to me. I love the graphics and the exploring/side missions, features.


Arkham city riddleer,joker are a mystery e.g joker is ugly in this game and riddler is tricky in this game both are opposites and by opposite I think they are not friends


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@666taz you have to interagate the green glowing inmates as well to give up clues hope tht helps


ummm... why is there mortal kombat trophies on this page

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We'll be updating this walkthrough some time later this week. At the moment all resources are prioritizing Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3.


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i dunno if you can help but when i done the frequency at the start it said "is someone trying to find a hostage without getting all my secrets" and ive been getting the green guys for a good 2 hours now and it dont seem to be doing anything