Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition taken down from online stores

Remake of classic RPG series removed from Apple app store and Beamdog site due to unresolved legal issues.

Beamdog and Overhaul Games have taken down their Baldur's Gate remake--Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition--from online stores.

The enhanced version of Baldur's Gate won't be available for a while.

The PC, Mac, and iOS RPG remake is no longer available on Beamdog's site or the Apple app store. Beamdog and Overhaul Games president Trent Oster said that this was due to the company attempting to "resolve a number of contractual issues." This also means that the company cannot release the latest patch and an Android version of the remake.

Oster also added that the same issues will also prevent the launch of Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. For more information, check out the post on the official site.


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