Backbreaker Vengeance tackling XBLA June 29

NaturalMotion bringing arcade-style take on unlicensed football simulation to Microsoft's online platform this month.

NaturalMotion established its reputation as a middleware company specializing in animation, and that talent was readily evident in the company's first full-game release, Backbreaker. Though the gridiron sim's gameplay mechanics drew a tepid critical response, NaturalMotion will be suiting up for another season with Backbreaker Vengeance.

Today, NaturalMotion Games and publisher 505 Games announced that Backbreaker Vengeance will be available through Xbox Live on June 29. Whereas the original Backbreaker focused on simulation gameplay, Vengeance will include arcade elements based on NaturalMotion's iOS release, Tackle Alley, which has sold more than 1 million copies.

Backbreaker is getting back up for another season.

Though it does not feature officially licensed NFL teams or athletes because of EA Sports' exclusivity deal, NaturalMotion touts Backbreaker's realistic play experience, due to the flexibility of its game engine. Backbreaker Vengeance will offer an expanded version of the Tackle Alley iOS title, featuring "hundreds" of challenge levels. NaturalMotion also promises to deliver new modes and moves.

505 Games did not reveal how much Backbreaker Vengeance will cost. The publisher had not responded to a request for information as of press time.

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It'll be $15 at the most. I can't see anyone paying more then that for some mini-games. I didn't even waste my money on the first one. Definitely the demo before you buy this.


I gather this will just be a bunch of bland mini-games. I got this for the iPhone and was sorely disappointed.


Smart move not going the full priced game route this time.