AZUBU Collegiate Champions Grand Finals

Watch as the Grand Finals makes it way to Los Angeles on February 16th-17th for both StarCraft II and League of Legends.

THE AZUBU Collegiate Champions Grand Finals is finally here and will start on Saturday, February 16th with StarCraft II at 10am PST casted by Sean "Day[9]" Plott, Tricia "megumixbear" Sugita, and CSL's own Daniil "Cheeseheadlogic" Pauley and Ferguson "Alphaferg" Mitchell. On Sunday, February 17th League of Legends kicks off at 10 am PST and will be casted by Steve "RiotJaws" Jaworski, Reid "RAPiD" Melton, Michelle "silverdirge" Lim, and Brent "Phrank" Riberdy. The event will be held at Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, California. Stay tuned this weekend for the live stream and more.

CSL StarCraft II Stream

Saturday February 17th, 10am PST

CSL League of Legends Stream

Sunday February 18th, 10am PST

For more information regarding the Grand Finals check out cstarleague.

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