Aussie game charts: November 3-9

Delta Squad claim the top spot down under.

Last week saw the release of several major titles, but there can only be one number one in the overall Australian game charts. According to data trackers GfK Australia, that game was Epic Games' Gears of War 2 for the week of November 3-9.

The SmackDown vs. Raw franchise has been a long-time favourite of Aussie sports gamers, with the latest in the franchise--WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 for the PS2--continuing the trend, debuting at number two. Despite seeing a drop in the chart for the past two weeks, the Wii Play and Wiimote bundle is staging a comeback, moving up three places into number three, with Mario Kart Wii and Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day just behind it in fourth. While last week treated most of Nintendo's first-party titles nicely, the same can't be said for Wii Fit, which continued to fall, finding itself in the sixth spot for this week's charts. Fallout 3 for the Xbox 360 fell significantly, landing in the seventh place, while the PS3 version took out the last spot in 10th. Surprisingly, Sony's highly-anticipated Little Big Planet only managed to snag the eighth place. More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima: How Old Is Your Brain? returns to the chart after a lengthy hiatus, laying claim to the ninth place.

All sales stats, including console-by-console breakdowns, can be found below:

Top 10 Full-Priced Games
1. Gears of War 2, Xbox 360
2. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009, PlayStation 2
3. Wii Play bundle, Wii
4. Mario Kart Wii, Wii
5. Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day, Nintendo DS
6. Wii Fit, Wii
7. Fallout 3, Xbox 360
8. Little Big Planet, PlayStation 3
9. More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima: How Old Is Your Brain?, Nintendo DS
10. Fallout 3, PlayStation 3

Top 10 PS3 Games (over A$60)
1. Little Big Planet
2. Fallout 3
3. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009
4. Far Cry 2
5. Saints Row 2
6. Midnight Club: Los Angeles
7. FIFA Soccer 09
8. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
9. Tom Clancy's EndWar
10. Dead Space

Top 10 Xbox 360 Games (over A$50)
1. Gears of War 2
2. Fallout 3
3. Fable II
4. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009
5. Rock Band software
6. Saints Row 2
7. Far Cry 2
8. Tom Clancy's EndWar
9. FIFA Soccer 09
10. Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Top 10 Wii Games (over A$50)
1. Wii Play bundle
2. Mario Kart Wii
3. Wii Fit
4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
5. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
6. Super Mario Galaxy
7. Mario Party 8
8. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009
9. Lego Batman
10. de Blob

Top 10 PC Games (over A$20)
1. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
2. Fallout 3
3. Far Cry 2
4. Spore
5. The Sims 2: Apartment Life
6. World of Warcraft Battlechest
7. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
8. World of Warcraft
9. The Sims 2
10. The Sims 2: Bon Voyage

Top 10 Nintendo DS Games (over A$40)
1. Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day
2. Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain
3. More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima: How Old Is Your Brain?
4. Littlest Pet Shop: Garden
5. Littlest Pet Shop: Jungle
6. Littlest Pet Shop: Winter
7. Maths Training The Hundred Cell Calculation Method
8. Mario Kart DS
9. Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant
10. CrossworDS

Top 10 PS2 Games (over A$50)
1. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009
2. Rugby League 2: World Cup Edition
3. SingStar Singalong With Disney
4. Lego Batman
5. Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant
6. FIFA Soccer 09
7. SingStar Hottest Hits
8. SingStar Hottest Hits bundle
9. SingStar Singalong With Disney bundle
10. The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Top 10 PSP games (over A$40)
1. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009
2. Midnight Club: Los Angeles Remix
3. FIFA Soccer 09
4. Lego Batman
5. Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant
6. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
7. NBA Live 09
8. The Simpsons Game
9. Iron Man
10. Buzz!: Master Quiz

All data supplied by GfK Australia.

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haha! there is a DS game before A ps3 one. that 2 the ps3 one is little big planet which is like . YUCK!

Nintendo_Man moderator

DS has the best all round line-up for both hardcore and casual, no other paltform has achieved that. Just recently it got another Castlevania, it has GTA, Kingdom Hearts and Chrono Trigger due out next year. Go look through its entire game line-up and if you are really hardcore, you should find atleast 20 games that appeal to you.


Gears 2 was expected to rule the charts in it's first week atleast and no surprises that it did. I am surprised to find a DS title topping the chart at No.5.


Yeah I agree The DS titles are pretty poor. Obviously it is a commedable system because those titles sell well with a certain demographic but from a hardcore gamer perspective I can't see the appeal of a DS.


Wow... some of those DS games seem like odd sellers. Can't wait to get my hands on CoD, Dead Space and Fallout though. *drools*


gears of war 2 is dominating all of the other platforms, i think only resistance 2 is the only chance left for leveling with gears but i'd doubt that GEARS2 all the way!!!!


No PC games in the Top Ten..

Nintendo_Man moderator

Nothing wrong with the training games, they aren't designed for kids unlike the Ubisoft casual garbage. How on Earth can you say no quality titles on the DS? You sound like a Nintendo hater.


My GOD, what is with that DS list? Apart from Mario Kart, every single one of those games is crap. No wonder developers can't be bothered releasing QUALITY games for the system when there are so many mind-numbingly stupid people out there. >:(


Another mis-print, does anyone actually read throught these Aussie Charts atricles to check for mistakes. It shld be the ps2 version of WWE coming 2nd. Normally I wouldnt care but it seems to happen every week. I agree about it being good to see Wii Fit go back down the charts a bit. Question- are LBP's sales bad because it was released at the end of the week and therefore had less days to sell than these other games or did it just genuinely sell poorly?

Nintendo_Man moderator

Rock Band got slaughtered, it could not even crack into any top 10 except for the software in 5th for the 360. I know at JB everyone ignored it and were all buying the full GH:WT package like mad. LBP really under performed and did not come out at an ideal time.


Gears #1, an expected result. The longer we can keep wii fit off the top spot the better.