Aussie emulation mash-up June 24, 2011

Find out what Double Fine has in store this week.


Double Fine Productions sure knows how to pick its projects. Headed up by industry legend Tim Schafer, the studio is known for putting a unique spin on anything it touches, resulting in often hilarious, rewarding gameplay.

Trenched is no exception--the tower defense game incorporates fast-paced action, a varied loot system, and some very interesting customization options. (Don't believe us? Read our review of the game here.) The game is Double Fine's attempt to inject a little fun into the idea of trench warfare; the game lets players take an active role on the battlefield to strategically defend important locations from mechlike enemies in 15 campaign missions. The game moves rapidly, meaning tower placements and weapon choices are crucial to ensure success.

Trenched is out on XBLA this week.

Also out on XBLA this week is Lucha Fury--a wacky, beat-'em-up set in the colorful world of masked Mexican wrestling. Players will encounter enemies and bosses disguised in Lucha Libre masks, with the option to go it alone or join up to four friends in co-op mode.

On the 3DS Virtual Console front, titles out this week include Radar Mission, one of the first military-based games released for the Game Boy, and the old-school beat-'em-up Double Dragon.

Check below to see what else is out this week!

3DS Virtual Console, DSiWare:
Radar Mission
Double Dragon

Xbox Live Arcade:
Trenched (1,200 Microsoft points)
Lucha Fury (800 Microsoft points)


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