AU Shippin' Out November 24-28: Resistance 2

Killing aliens and singing along to your favourite tunes--just another week in the Australian release schedule.

Resistance 2 has been out in the US for a couple of weeks now and is on the verge of making its debut down under. Picking up where the first game left off, R2 puts you in the boots of Nathan Hale, a US soldier who has been infected by an alien Chimera virus. Thanks to this, Hale has superhuman abilities and can fight harder-than-normal soldiers. Over the course of the game, Hale discovers that he isn't the only infected soldier and that he's needed on the home front, with the Chimerans pushing deep into US territory. If the single-player campaign isn't enough for you, Insomniac Games has also included a completely different co-op campaign for up to eight players, as well as a fully fledged competitive online mode that supports 60 players. Expect to see Resistance 2 on store shelves around Australia this Thursday.

With Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour both out, the final music franchise to enter the arena for the year is Microsoft's Lips on the Xbox 360. In a similar vein to SingStar, Lips comes with two microphones and encourages you to make a fool of yourself while belting out the lyrics to Aha's "Take On Me," Missy Higgings' "Scar," "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen, and much more. Lips will be out on the 27th and will come bundled with two mics.

November 26, 2008
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (PS3, 360, PS2, Wii, DS, PC)
Shrek's Carnival Craze (DS, PC, PS2, Wii)
Transformers Animated: The Game (DS)
Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp (DS, PC, PS2, Wii)
Barbie Fashion Show: Eye for Style (DS, PC)

November 27, 2008
Sonic Unleashed (Wii, 360, PS2)
Resistance 2 (PS3)
LocoRoco 2 (PSP)
Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals (DS)
Armored Core: For Answer (PS3, 360)
Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell (DS)
Planet Rescue: Endangered Island (DS)
Petz: My Puppy Family (DS)
Babysitting Party (Wii)
Lips (360)
Imagine Pet Hospital (Wii)
Build-a-Bear Workshop: A Friend Fur All Seasons (Wii)

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Hopefully it won't be the watered-down censored version because Australia loves to censor video games.


Resistance 2 is such a good game


OMG R2!!!! lol Sweet, R2 is going to be awesome!


im counting the seconds till R2...ITS GONNA KICK ASS


Sonic Unleashed should hopefully be interesting...yet somehow I have my doubts about how well it's going to do...


I'm getting Sonic Unleashed


I want to get LocoRoco 2 but unfortunately not bad enough to go out and buy a PSP for it, but I hope they make another PS3 version for retail over PSN, I really liked the last one, it was a real bargain