AU Shippin' Out July 14-July 18: echochrome

Two big titles for the PSP coming down under this week.

It's E3 this week, which is arguably the craziest week in the gaming calendar, and all the big developers are set to announce their future projects. E3 usually slows down the release calendar, but that hasn't stopped a few brave publishers from releasing titles.

The PSP is bolstering up its library, with the release of echochrome and Secret Agent Clank. echochrome is a puzzle game and was originally released last week for download on the PlayStation Network Store, but is being released on UMD this week. The game involves you guiding a mannequin around using your perception of space to avoid the potential dangers. Secret Agent Clank is less mind-taxing than echochrome and is developed by High Impact Games, the developers behind 2007's Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. This time around, the game is set just before the events of Tools of Destruction, and Clank has been framed for a crime he didn't commit. Despite the name, you'll also get to control Captain Qwark and Ratchet over the course of the game. Both PSP games come out on Thursday.

Just in time for the Olympics, Sega is rereleasing its popular Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, this time with some green and gold bonuses. The Wii version ships with a green Wiimote jacket and a gold Nunchuk skin, while the Nintendo DS version comes with a green, gold, and white stylus.

July 17, 2008
echochrome (PSP)
Animal Genius (DS)
Secret Agent Clank (PSP)
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Green and Gold edition (Wii, DS)

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America always get the latest games, except some japanese exclusive RPG games.


Bleh, Mario & Sonic Olympics has sold enough for a half-decent game from 2007. I hope they don't bring those horrible commercials back.

mjc moderator moderator

Secret Agent Clank, awesome. Really been waiting for a follow up to the last Ratchet PSP title.

Nintendo_Man moderator

Sega could of added something useful for a re-release.