AU Shippin' Out January 7-11: Anarchy Reigns

Will you build your virtual life or take to over-the-top brawling action? Check out what games hit Aussie shelves this week in AU Shippin' Out!

Looks like a trio of three very different games are seeing release in Australia this week. Do you wish to deck out your virtual landscape in The Sims 3: Monte Vista or brawl with characters from Platinum Games' universe in Anarchy Reigns?

Anarchy Reigns was developed by Platinum Games and released in Japan as Max Anarchy in July 2012. The game is a third-person brawler set in a postapocalyptic war zone filled with tsunamis, black holes, and other hazards. Gameplay includes online multiplayer featuring existing characters from the studio's previous title MadWorld, as well as original characters.

GameSpot's review praised its gore-filled combat, but lamented its often-repetitive single-player missions and somewhat confusing story.

Gamers dedicated to the Sims 3 series may be interested in the introduction of a new world in The Sims 3: Monte Vista for the PC. The add-on introduces a new landscape in the form of Monte Vista, as well as additional items and a new gameplay object.

For the full details on games out this week, check out the list below.

January 10, 2013
The Sims 3: Monte Vista (PC)
Learn With Pokemon: Typing Adventure (DS)
Anarchy Reigns (360, PS3)

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Zorine Te

Zorine “harli” Te is GameSpot Australia's associate editor. She wants to save the world.
The Sims 3

The Sims 3


I totally forgot that Anarchy Reigns was still coming out in the West and I bought Bayonetta instead. Well, at least I'll be playing a Platinum Games' title at the end of the day.