AU Shippin' Out April 14-17: Phantasy Star Portable

It's another week of slim pickings when it comes to game releases down under.

April's dry spell of game releases in Australia continues, with just a handful of games hitting store shelves this week. Headlining the week's releases is Phantasy Star Portable from Sega. Starting off just before PSU: Ambition of the Illuminus on the PlayStation 2, the game features a new threat that has reared its ugly head. With the help of a new character named Vivienne, you'll be trotting to different areas of the galaxy to clear out any contaminated flora and fauna that threatens humanity's survival. Expect to see Phantasy Star Portable out this Thursday.

Other games to come out this week include Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force and Ultimate Band, which sees you rock out to modern hits such as Pink's "Get the Party Started," the Jonas Brothers' "Hold On," and Fall Out Boy's "The Take Over, The Break's Over." Tune in next week for more releases.

April 16, 2009
Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (DS)
Ultimate Band (Wii, DS, PS2)
Phantasy Star Portable (PSP)

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Phantasy Star might be alright. I'm actually not minding these slow weeks. Lets me save up a bunch for whenever we next get bombarded by tonnes of big releases.


Nice. Phantasy Star Portable. (Odd how this news piece is saying it's on the DS, when it's a PSP title. But then again the link leads to the PSP)


I might check out Phantasy Star Portable, the rest are meh imo.