Atomic magazine to merge with PC & Tech Authority

Australian magazine will print its final standalone issue this month; content to merge with PC & Tech Authority.

Australian gaming magazine Atomic will be publishing its final standalone issue this month.

The news comes with the announcement that the magazine will be merging with PC & Tech Authority, which will be expanding its print length by sixteen pages to accommodate more extensive game-focused content.

Atomic is to merge with PC & Tech Authority.

The announcement was made by editor David Hollingworth in a forum post earlier today.

Atomic's online content will still be retained with the PC & Tech Authority website, and the existing forums will remain intact. The magazine's final release will be issue 143.

Atomic has been in circulation since 2001. The magazine was issued on a monthly basis and marketed towards technology enthusiasts, covering computing hardware through analysis of new technologies.

Both Atomic and PC & Tech Authority are published by Haymarket Media.

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Zorine Te

Zorine “harli” Te is GameSpot Australia's associate editor. She loves esports and anime.

Not happy about this decision. I get the atomic for what it is today, Just hope the new issues are worth it..... O i might have to think hard when my subscription is up for renewal.