Asura's Wrath Aussie preorder incentives detailed

Capcom offers up art books and oriental wall scrolls to those who preorder Asura's Wrath Down Under.

While the chances of a God Hand sequel are slim, those looking for a lighthearted brawler that doesn't take itself too seriously can look forward to Asura's Wrath. With the game just under six weeks away, THQ (who is distributing Asura's Wrath for Capcom in Australia) has detailed incentives that those who have preordered the game will receive.

Asura is a man who likes to get punchy, real punchy.

Those who have their copy of Asura's Wrath reserved at EB Games can expect to receive an art book, while JB Hi-Fi preorder customers will get a 60cmx90cm wall scroll that they can hang up. On top of that, people who preorder at GAME, JB Hi-Fi, and EB Games will all receive codes for the Devastator and Infinity downloadable content packs.

Asura's Wrath is a third-person fighting game that sees an angry Asura punch and kick his way through hordes of enemies in an attempt to rescue his wife and child. The game was originally unveiled at TGS in 2010, and it has since built up a bit of a following, thanks to several quirky trailers that show the demigod fighting his way out of a variety of over-the-top situations.

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i am so sick of region specific exclusives, what about something for everyone who pre-ordered before there was even a price tag?