Assassin's Creed II Walkthrough

Become a master assassin with our walkthrough for Assassin's Creed II.

Assassin's Creed II is finally here, bringing with it a host of improvements over its predecessor. Now sporting a much more diverse range of missions, there's plenty of opportunity to find yourself in a challenge seemingly insurmountable. Thankfully, we've prepared a walkthrough that provides a step-by-step overview for every story mission this game has to offer.

Here's what you'll find in GameSpot's Assassin's Creed II Game Guide:

  • Walkthrough: Our complete walkthrough will take you through every story mission this game has to offer.
  • Xbox 360 Achievements: Learn how to obtain all of Assassin's Creed II's achievements.
  • PS3 Trophies: Want some PS3 trophies? Here's how to earn them!

Sequence 1

Boys Will Be Boys

Fight Vieri de Pazzi's Men

If you're going to be an assassin, you're going to have to fight like one. For now, you'll have to fight two waves of Vieri de Pazzi's men. Thankfully, the game will walk you through the control basics. Basically, you'll want to lock-on to an opponent before you start throwing punches. Once you have, you can perform combo attacks by tapping the attack button immediately after each attack connects--keep it up to string several attacks together, forming a combo. These are both faster and more effective than stand-alone punches, so practice your timing! In addition, if you're surrounded by several enemies, try grabbing one and tossing him into others to knock them back. Vieri de Pazzi's men will retreat before long.

Loot 200 Florins to Pay the Doctor

After Vieri de Pazzi's men retreat, loot the fallen bodies by standing over them and pressing the button shown on-screen. After collecting enough money, the mission will end.

You Should See the Other Guy

Follow Federico to the Doctor

Federico will lead you right to the doctor, but it's important you keep up as he scampers up buildings and the like. To do so, you'll have to enter "free run" mode, which enables you to climb structures and buildings with ease. Just hold down the required buttons and keep on Federico's tail--he'll take you right to the doctor.

Sibling Rivalry

Win the Race Against Federico

It's a race between you and Federico! Luckily, he's kind of slow--as long as you trail him closely for the first portion, you should be able to edge him out before leaping to the church's rooftop. Start off by racing up the nearby boxes and across the poles. You'll soon find a suspended platform you can jump across to another roof--from there, jump to the church and clamber up to its top for the finish!

After winning, follow your friend up the nearby tower. Again, use "free run" mode to climb it, though you may have to sidle around around to either side once or twice in order to find more grip-points, enabling you to continue your ascension.


Pay a Surprise Visit to the Beautiful Cristina Vespucci

From the tower, step out onto the wooden beam to find the first of many Viewpoints. Each time you find one, it fills in the nearby area on your map, including the locations of other nearby viewpoints--you'll find them scattered all over each area. It's important you find these whenever possible in order to make your map usable.

After synchronizing with the viewpoint, take a Leap of Faith into the hay stack below. As you'll soon discover, hay stacks, in addition to wells and rooftop hutches, can conceal you from the prying eyes of your enemies, so use them to stay out of sight. In this case, after the scouts pass by, head for the area marked on your mini-map, just up the street. After speaking with Cristina through the window, climb up to her using the windows below as grapple-points.

Escape the Guards

To escape the guards, quickly free-run up a nearby building then skip along the rooftops until you've lost them.


Deliver Giovanni's Letter to Lorenzo de' Medici

The easiest and quickest way to Lorenzo's place is to scale the nearby building first, then cross over the rooftops to his general location, before dropping back down to street level to find. This way, you won't draw any attention from the guards at all.

Return to Giovanni

After delivering the letter, use the same tactics to return to Giovanni. That is, scale the building then cross over the roofs to avoid the guards. Knock on Giovanni's door once you've arrived.

Beat a Cheat

Find and Punish Duccio

Cross over the rooftops to find the guards toward Duccio's location, as marked on your mini-map. Once you find him, rough him a bit with some punches, and throw some grab attacks in there for good measure too. He's weak, so he'll go down pretty quick.

Petruccio's Secret

Obtain Eagle Features for Petuccio Before He Gets in Trouble

You have two and a half minutes to gather the three features marked on your map. Luckily, that's plenty of time. Climb up the rooftop behind you for the first one, then cross over the nearby roofs to a large, curving rooftop where you'll find the other two. Once you've gathered all three, return to Petuccio's house and knock on his door to deliver them--you're not timed during this segment, so take as long as you need.

Friend of the Family

Follow Maria

Stay close to Maria as she leads you to your destination. As long as you don't run around, shove people, or pick their pockets, this should be an uneventful journey.

Carry the Box to Palazzo Auditore

Grab the box from the ground (by standing in front of it and pressing "Grab"--it may take a few tries, as the game's pretty finicky) and then follow the streets toward the destination marked on your map. Drop the box there to complete the mission.

Special Delivery

Deliver Two Letters and Retrieve a Third from the Pigeon Coop for Giovanni.

Three tasks, three marks on your map. Stick to the rooftops as you journey from one to the next to evade the guards. We suggest heading for the one to the south first and working your way from there. Doing so, you'll deliver the two letters first (the first on ground level, the second on a low roof), before finding the bird atop a building. You'll finish the mission upon completing all three.


Climb the Palazzo Tower to Giovanni's Cell

Use the rooftops to reach the jail on which the tower resides, so as to not alert the guards to your presence. We suggest climbing it via the north side to the lower level's rooftop where you'll spot a lone archer. Take him out (either bu punching him, or throwing him off the building), then climb up a few ladders to the higher level. There you'll find one more archer as well as the tower. Take out the archer using the same methods, then climb up the tower's face side as high as you can, then sidle to the left side to continue your ascent to the window, where you'll complete the mission.

Family Heirloom

Find the Hidden Room and Retrieve the Chest's Contents

From the get-go, activate your Eagle Vision (by holding "Y" on 360, or "Triangle" on PS3) to spot a hidden door dead-ahead you can open. Open the chest inside to find the assassin's uniform. Now exit back outside.

Deliver the Documents to Uberto Alberti

As you step outside, two guards will attack. You can either kill them, or simply run away toward the marked destination. If you choose to battle them, countering's the easiest method in which to dispatch them. To counter, simply hold block, then tap "attack" as soon as you spot one of them attacking. Once they're dealt with, use the rooftops to reach your destination--just be ready for a couple more guards waiting for you there.

Last Man Standing

Attend the Acquittal

Head up the street to find the acquittal, as marked on your map.

Escape the Guards

After the execution, you'll have to ditch the guards by running away. Simply dart for a side-street and onto a rooftop as soon as you can--use your mini-map to keep an eye on the guards' locations, as well as potential hiding spots (the blue dots) you can duck into, such as hay stacks or rooftop hutches. If you're discovered, simply take off for another hiding spot--you'll finish the mission as soon as you lose 'em.

Sequence 2

Fitting In

Learn the Ways of the Courtesans

It's time you learned the ways of the Courtesans, which includes skills such as blending and stealing. To start things off, stand inside either of the circles the girls form. When doing so, you'll notice lights have appeared on the ground, indicating you're now "blending," essentially making you invisible to the enemy. You can "blend" in among any travelling groups of people out on the streets, so do so whenever you wish to remain incognito. In fact, you'll have to employ that very technique as you follow one of the Courtesans through the city. Keep her in sight, but blend into the nearby groups to evade the myriad guards lining the street. When blending, avoid running or pickpocketing others, as both will draw unwanted attention.

She'll eventually lead you back to where you started, at which point she'll teach you how to pickpocket others. Doing so is easy, just hold down the "fast walk" button as you pass by others to steal from them! You'll want to keep moving immediately afterward though, otherwise victims may try to fight you or alert others of your presence.

Ace Up My Sleeve

Go to Leonardo's Workshop

Your first task is to head to Leonardo's workshop. Like usual, we recommend sticking to the rooftops as you head for it, but watch out for some archers stationed throughout the city.

Assassinate the Guard

Now that you have a weapon again, you can try it out on the guard accosting Leonardo outside. Just walk up behind him and tap the "attack" button to perform a silent kill.

Carry the Corpse into Leonardo's Workshop

With the guard down, grab his corpse and follow Leonardo back into his workshop and drop it in the highlighted area to complete the mission.

Judge, Jury, Executioner

Find Uberto in Santa Croce's Cloister

Your target location is on a rooftop, so might as well take the high road! The stacked boxes dead ahead provide a convenient route to the rooftops. If you encounter any archers along the way, simply throw them off the roof for a quick victory.

Follow Uberto Without Being Detected

Leap from the wooden beam into the hay below then head up the street and blend into the first group of people you can to bypass the guards. Follow the group around the corner until they break off. Now just ahead is a group of Courtesans--hire them before pushing ahead, as they'll distract two pairs of guards blocking the way. Once past, continue into the courtyard where you'll find Uberto--murder him.

Escape from Santa Croce

You know the deal--run away! Make a dash for the rooftops and find a hiding place if you can to ditch the guards.

Laying Low

Reduce Your Notoriety

There are three ways to reduce your notoriety. Remove posters, bribe a herald, or kill a corrupt official. We found the easiest option is to kill a corrupt official, as long as one's nearby. Check your map to see if you can spot one--if so, just head for him and take him down. Barring that, removing posters is also a simple task, as they're plentiful. But you'll have to remove several, plus you may draw attention as you venture throughout the city.


Escort Maria and Claudia Out of Florence

Maria and Claudia will follow your lead--even if they can't see you--as you you lead them from checkpoint to checkpoint until you're outside the city. Along the way, you'll have to avoid the guards, either by blending in, or distracting them in some way, such as by tossing money. However, you can avoid them altogether by taking to the rooftops and heading for the checkpoints that way. Although the girls won't come up after you, they will follow from the streets below--if the game says they're falling behind, give them a moment or two to catch up. However, you will have to drop to the ground in order to trigger each checkpoint, before climbing back to the rooftops.

When you reach the city's exit, you'll find a row of guards blocking the exit. Drop to the ground and hire one of the Courtesan groups. Now lock-on to one of the guards blocking the exit and send the Courtesans their way (by tapping "Y" on 360 or "Triangle" on PS3) to distract them, allowing you and the girls to safely exit the city. Now just head for a few more checkpoints to complete the mission.

Sequence 3

Roadside Assistance

Escort Maria and Claudia to the Villa Auditore in Monteriggioni

Head up the road until you reach a human blockade.

Defend Your Family

To start things off, two guards will attack--one will go for you, the other after the girls. Evade their attacks and take them down with a few punches. Immediately after, the rest of the enemies will join in the fray. Luckily, since most will be pre-occupied with fighting another, murdering them is as easy as running up to each one and pressing attack. Once the final baddie falls, you'll complete the mission.

Casa Dolce Casa

Explore the Villa Auditore with Mario

Follow Mario through the city to his humble abode.

Visit the Blacksmith // Buy a Pair of Greaves and a Dagger

The blacksmith's not far--follow your map to find it. Once there, purchase the only two items he has: the leather Greaves and the dagger. The boots, as with all armor, will be equipped automatically. As for the dagger, you can switch to it, or any weapon, at any time by holding right right-trigger and selecting it.

Visit the Doctor

Now that you're equipped, head for the nearby Doctor--as marked on your map--and purchase five Medicines--you'll find it under "apothecary supplies."

Practice Makes Perfect

Learn How to Fight from Mario

Mario will walk you throw the basics of fighting, including using quick-steps to evade attacks, blocking, and countering--this last one is very important and a good skill to learn. When Mario challenges you to a battle, defend against his attack, then follow-up with a series of your own to defeat him.

Go to Mariol

Follow the map toward the marked area, in a bottom-floor room on the right.

What Goes Around

Follow Mario

Follow Mario up to the castle. Once they're, he'll give you some throwing knives, then head off to distract the guards. Equip the knives, then climb up the wall ahead, via the wagon and boxes, to the checkpoint.

Activate the Lever

After climbing up the wall, there are three nearby guards you should dispatch of with your knives. The first is on a rooftop dead-ahead--lock-on and press attack to send a knife his away. Now follow the walkway to the right to find another just ahead, then a third on the rooftops just beyond. Once clear, drop down and activate the lever by the gate to open it.

Kill the Guards

Just up the stairs wait several guards. Use your knives to pick off the first two--the rest will soon follow. Luckily, your band of men should take care of most of them, enabling you to simply use basic attacks or counters to clear out the rest.

Get to Santa Maria Assunta

With the guards cleared out, climb the stairs and speak to the injured guy by the fountain.

Go to Mario

Continue onward where you'll find Mario engaged in a large battle. Like before, simple attacks should be enough for the distracted guards, though use counters for those who target you specifically.

Find Vieri de' Pazzil

Head for the checkpoint on your rader--it's on a rooftop.

Assassinate Vieri de' Pazzi

You'll find Pazzi on top of the tower just across from you. Climb it and take him down. His henchmen will attack as well--just hold block and counter whenever one of them attacks first. Once they're out of the picture, Pazzi's a piece of cake--either counter, or attack after blocking to do him in.

A Change of Plans

Follow Mario // Read the Letter

Follow Mario until he gives you a letter you should read. After reading it, meet up with Mario in the room marked on your mini-map.

Reach the Villa's Viewpoint

Head for the building marked on your mini-map, then synchronize with the glowing viewpoint.

Collect the 4 Philosophical Codex Pages

There are four codex pages scattered around and outside the city's walls, all of which are marked on your map. Because some are so far away though, you'll have to rely on your full map instead of just your mini-map. The first two can be found nearby, on the east side of town. Another can be found to the west. Finally, the last one is located outside the castle, far to the east. Look for them all on the ground-level, in a corner, outside of the buildings.

Sequence 4

Practice What You Preach

Practice the Assassination Techniques in the Courtyard

Head to the courtyard, as marked on your map. There you'll find three scarecrows, all of which you can "execute" from out of sight locations, such as the hay stack, the balcony, and the ledge (the latter of which can easily be climbed to via the nearby objects). Once in each location, simply tap the "attack" button to do them in. Once done, return to Leonardo's workshop to complete the mission.

Fox Hunt

Locate La Volpe (the Fox) Somewhere Near the Mercato Vecchio

Head for the green area marked on your map and look for the target person in the northwest corner--if you use your eagle vision, he'll be highlighted with a golden color. After finding him, some dude will run up and steal your money. Chase after him in free-run mode and tackle him (by tapping "B" (360) or "O" (PS3) when close) to recoup your loss and complete the mission.

See You There

Go to Santa Maria Novella

You have one-minute to get to Santa Maria Novella. As long as you keep on the move, you should have plenty of time to spare. Start off by crossing over the beams to the far rooftop (just as your friend did), then climb up the nearby roof and head straight for the location, as marked on your map. Try to stick to the high-ground whenever possible, and look for ways to minimize the amount of climbing you have to do, such as by using ropes to cross gaps, or jumping across a gap to a lower section. The goal is also on a rooftop, so try to avoid street-level altogether.

Novella's Secret

Find the Location of the Templar Meeting

Inside the catacomb, flip a lever on the right to open a passage you can climb into above, which leads into a large chamber.

Find a Way Through the Collapsed Stairwell

There's a lever at the top of the room that you'll have to flip, which opens a door at the bottom. Thankfully, climbing up to it is pretty simple--just follow the left wall, using the poles and ledges to circle the room down first, then back up. Upon reaching the first lever, pull it to open a passage you can leap to in the center of the room. Cross through and continue your trek up to a second lever, opening a door below. Jump toward the center, where the platforms just receded, to safely land in a haystack below. After landing, approach the guards ahead to watch a cutscene.

Open the Door to the Great Hall

You'll have to flip a few levers in order to open the door in the Great Hall. To start off, run along the series of broken columns, left of the door, to jump to the wall above. Sidle along it to the left and wait for a patrolling guard to walk near for an easy assassination. Pull yourself up and climb the stairs to a few more poles you can jump along, to a hanging chandelier-thing, which will drop you off right next to the first lever you can pull.

After pulling the first lever, step out halfway onto the small wooden bridge ahead and then walk along the thin concrete section to the wall, which you can climb to a wooden platform on the right, then to a balcony on the left.

Leap from the wooden beam extending from the balcony to the hanging coffin ahead. Now leap from the coffin to a pole on the left, which will drop you onto a platform containing a second switch--pull it to open a door below.

With the door opened, jump into the pool below for a quick way back to ground level. Although this will alert the trio of guards to your presence, they're no match for your 'block and counter' technique (except for the shielded one--try strafing around him as he attacks to assassinate him from behind).

Kill the Fleeing Templar

As you try and exit through the now-open door, the last remaining guard will attempt to run away. Free-run after him! When you reach the first gate he shuts, veer around it to the right. Soon after, a bridge will collapse--use the pole above to cross, by leaping to it from the nearby objects. At the second shut gate, leap from the balcony on the right to the girders, to get back on track. At the third closed gate, veer up the staircase on the left, then continue after the guard until he closes a door.

Open the Door

Those silly guards forgot about the entrance, just right of the closed door, that you can use to enter the room they've locked themselves in. Drop inside and take down the weak ones with simple counter-attacks, then take down the armored ones by strafing behind them for an easy kill. With the room cleared, climb up to a door on the northern side that you can open.

Eavesdrop on the Templar Meeting

Follow the hall to listen in on the meeting.

Open the Sarcophagus

Following the meeting, continue onward down to the Sarcophagus that you can open. After doing so, exit through the door on the right.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Locate Francesco de' Pazzi

Head to the highlighted area on the map and look for Francesco near the middle of the courtyard--use Eagle vision to easily spot him.

Defend Lorenzo de' Medici

You know the deal--block and counter the attacking guards to quickly thin their rank, then sneak up behind the ones distracted by battle for a few quick kills.

Escort Lorenzo de' Medici to Safety

Lorenzo will follow your lead--even if he can't see you. As such, it's easiest (and safest) to simply take to the rooftops and head straight for the marked area, as Lorenzo follows from the streets below. Just be careful not to get too far ahead: if the game says he's falling behind, give him a moment or two to catch up. Bear in mind that there are a ton of guards waiting at the goal, but as long as you drop directly onto it, you won't even have to deal with them!

Farewell Francesco

Go to the Palazzo della Signoria

Since the guards are mostly distracted, you shouldn't run into any resistance as you head for the marked location--look for it on a rooftop.

Climb the Palazzo Della Signoria

Instead of climbing the Palazzo itself (marked in red on the map), you should climb the nearby building on its north side, which connects directly to the rooftop. Now keep in mind that the Palazzo is in a restricted area, meaning you'll undoubtedly have a run-in with a few guards. Battle them like you usually do--that is, block and counter the weak ones, and strafe behind the armored ones, before climbing the stairs to the roof, where you'll find Francesco. Alternatively, if you can lure the guards to the ground floor, you can reclimb the building unhampered.

Chase and Assassinate Francesco de' Pazzi

Take a leap of faith into the hay below, then chase after Francesco! When you get close, tackle him to the ground, then slash him as he gets back up--you may have to tackle him a few times before you can kill him. If you lose sight of him at any point, you'll find him marked on your map.

Sequence 5

Four to the Floor

Talk to the marked dude to complete the mission. Yup, that's it.

A Blade With a Bite

Go talk to Leonardo and you're done.

Evasive Maneuvers

Mario will walk you through two more combat techniques: Dodging and Disarming. To dodge, simply hold block while locked-on, and tap "A" (360) or "X" (PS3). This is useful to avoid an enemy during his attack, allowing you to strike back from the side. As for disarming, simply hold block while locked-on, and tap "X" (Xbox) or "Square" (PS3) just before the attack connects. Perform each action three times to complete the mission.

The Cowl Does not Make the Monk

Infiltrate the Abbey and Kill Stefano de Bagnone

You'll find Stefano in the back of the nearby Abbey. Unfortunately, it's well guarded, but your smoke bombs create a smoke-screen that stuns nearby enemies for several seconds. You may want to drop one by the entrance into the abbey, then engage your 'Eagle Vision' to easily spot Stefano in the back. Approach him, drop a second smoke bomb to stun him and the nearby enemies, then assassinate him!

Use a Smoke Bomb for an Easy Escape

Alright, so there are a couple of ways out of this jam. As the game suggests, you can simply drop a smoke bomb and hightail it out of there. However, if you're out of smoke bombs (or simply wish to conserve them), you can escape on-foot too…though you'll be chased by the guards. To ditch them, board your horse and then simply gallop away!

Behind Closed Doors

Infiltrate the Villa

To infiltrate the villa, you'll want to climb up the low buildings on the east side, then cross from them over the villa's wall. Just watch out for a couple of nearby archers.

Assassinate Francesco l

Once inside the Villa, follow the roof of the building within to the marked target below--use your Eagle Vision to pick him out among the crowd. If you can, try to stealthily drop down behind him for the assassination. If you wind up in battle with the nearby guards, use the block & counter technique for the weak ones, and strafe behind the armored ones. As for the knights, we found it best to disengage from combat mode (by running away), then attacking him, repeating as necessary.

Town Crier

Assassinate Antonio Maffei

Use the rooftops to reach the marked tower--Antonio awaits at the top. Only of the sides has grip points near the base--look for them and climb them. Whenever you reach a seeming dead end, sidle left or right to find another route up. As you near the top, you'll find a couple of guards, before reaching Antonio just above. Simply take him out with your sword or throw him off the tower.

Come Out and Play

Assassinate Bernardo Baroncelli

Like usual, take to the rooftops and head for the green zone, marked on your map. Try to not draw attention to yourself while en route (either avoid or kill the rooftop guards). When you reach the courtyard, take a leap of faith into a haystack below and use your Eagle Vision combined with your mini-map to find your target, who should be walking around nearby. If he takes off running, take off after him and tackle him to the ground, allowing you to kill him.

With Friends Like These

Locate Jacopo de' Pazzi

From your rooftop starting position, enable Eagle Vision and look for the highlighted target, to the south. As soon as you spot him, disable Eagle Vision--he will now be marked on-screen by a blue arrow.

Tail Jacopo de' Pazzi

Now that Pazzi's marked on your screen, disable Eagle Vision (if you haven't already) and drop down and follow him! You have to be careful that you don't tip off, or the nearby guards, to your presence. Here's a few quick-tips to help you out:

  • Don't get too close! Try to stay at least 6 feet behind him (the number next to the map displays how close you are).
  • …but don't venture too far away either! If you do, you have 30 seconds to catch back up. Luckily, that's usually plenty of time--just keep it in mind so you don't venture too far away.
  • Stick to ground level when going through the city--the rooftop guards will take notice if you're dallying around up there.
  • Try to avoid running, pick-pocketing, or murdering people, as all will draw undue attention.

After following them outside the city, take to the inner grassy field and trail them from there. When they start venturing through the restricted area, follow them from above (as they'll notice you if you try venturing through as well). Wait for them to exit the other side and follow them into the field.

Use Your Hidden Blade to End Jacopo de' Pazzi's Suffering

Although your ultimate goal is to kill Jacopo, you'll want to deal with the attacking guards first. Equip your hidden blades, if they aren't already, then block and counter to easily defeat the guards (if you have any other weapon equipped, this will be much more difficult). Once you've cleared the guards out, take down Jacopo for good.

Sequence 6

Road Trip

Speak with Lorenzo de' Medici

Now that you have the Medici Cape, Medici guards will not take notice of you, nor will your notoriety rise when in the cities of Florence or Tuscany--sweet! At any rate, this mission is simple--head to Leonardo's shop to discover he's left town and complete the mission.

Romagna Holiday

Survive the Borgia Attack and Reach Romagna Safely

You're now on a wild horse-carriage ride en route to Romagna. Along the way, you'll have to dodge obstacles and deal with the attacking guards. For the most part, you only have to steer around any objects you might hit head-on. Here's some quick tips to get you through:

  • Begin turning early! The carriage turns very slowly, so you need to begin the process before reaching the actual turn.
  • If an enemy latches onto either side of the carriage, brush them off by veering that side into a wall. Don't worry, running the side of the carriage up against walls doesn't damage it.
  • If an enemy stands on top of the carriage, simply veer back and forth to knock him off. Or, if you're too busy simply trying to stay on the road, that should be enough to knock him off anyway.
  • Evade the piles of debris and fiery patches by steering around them, as these will inflict damage if hit.

Hold Off the Borgia Guards, Buying Leonardo Time to Escape

By "hold off" the game actually means "murder." Use whatever combat techniques you like, though we found equipping the Hidden Blade and countering the enemies' attacks for an instant kill did wonders--just make sure to counter toward the end of each enemy's attack, otherwise you'll simply deflect the attack.

Tutti a Bordo

Get a Boat

Hop into the water and swim to the nearby boat, as marked on your map.

Save the Stranded Woman

Grab hold of the oar and use it to paddle over to the woman, who also is marked on your map. To paddle, simply tap and hold "B" (360) or "O" (PS3) just long enough to perform a full row, then release and do it again. Use the control stick to steer toward the woman.

Bring Caterina to the Docks

After saving the woman, row to the marked dock to complete the mission.


Take a Quick Tour of Venice with Alvise

Just keep up with Alvise as he shows you the city's sights. As long as you stay close and out of trouble, you won't have any problems.

Sequence 7

That's Gonna Leave a Mark

Escort and Protect Rosa

Your first task is to escort Rosa to the boat. Keep up with her and protect her from the attacking guards. To do so, it's best to take down the ones targeting you first (again, we suggest blocking and countering with the Hidden Blade, then focus on the ones attacking Rosa. Since they'll be distracted, simply sneak up behind them for an assassination. Oh, and don't swear Rosa's health too much--as long as you're relatively quick, she shouldn't sustain much damage. If you're having trouble, there are several groups of mercenaries along the way you may consider hiring, who'll assist in battle.

A short ways before reaching the boat, Rosa will collapse to the ground--pick her up and carry on toward the boat, as marked on your map (don't forget that you can run while carrying her). You may want to consider hiring a group of mercenaries about now, as several guards await just prior to the boat.

Escort and Protect the Gondola

After Rosa boards the Gondola, you'll have to follow it up the canal from the sidelines, taking down the enemies along the way. Avoid heading down any side streets and instead stick to the paths bordering the river--this will avoid alerting groups of guards to your presence. Although you won't be able to sneak up on the guards lining the river, you should be able to assassinate almost each one of them by simply running up to them and attacking them as soon as you're close. Failing that, you can also push most of them into the river for another easy victory. Just keep on the move and don't let the boat get too far ahead.

Follow it into the tunnel at the end to watch a couple of cutscenes, then carry Rosa down a corridor and set her on a table to complete the mission.

Building Blocks

Speak with Anthony at the mission-start point and that's it, you're done!

Cleaning House

Kill the Traitors

There are three traitors you have to take down. Although their general locations are marked on your map, you'll have to use your Eagle Vision to pinpoint each one. We suggest heading to the northern-most one first, where you'll find the first traitor on a ship. As you approach, swim under the water's surface to avoid detection. Once there, it's best to climb up the back of the ship (the west side) and hang from the railing, just out of sight. Use your Eagle Vision to spot the first traitor, then wait for him to approach. As soon as gets close to the railing, attack him to toss him overboard.

With the first traitor taken care of, we suggest heading for the second, to the southeast. Make sure to swim below the surface back to shore, then take to the rooftops as you head for the next target. When you approach the marked area on your map, switch to Eagle Vision and keep an eye out for him below. Once you've spotted him, try and drop down behind him for a quick assassination. If you're spotted before you can kill him, he may actually climb up to you! Just grab him and toss him off the roof, if that's the case.

You'll find the final traitor to the north. It's pretty much the same deal here--use Eagle Vision from the rooftops to spot him, then drop down and sneak up behind him for the assassination.


Free the Thieves

There are three groups of caged thieves marked on your map--you'll have to travel to each location, free them, then lead them back to safety. Luckily, the process is practically identical at each one. As long as you follow our strategy, you shouldn't have any trouble.

Like usual, we recommend sticking to the rooftops as you journey to each of the three locations. As you approach, you'll notice a cage at ground level--that's where the thieves are held. Work your way to the rooftop directly above them at look at the cage below--if there's more than a single guard standing by, wait a few moments for the others to leave. Once they have, drop down onto the cage, then quickly to the ground below and assassinate the guard (you'll want to do this before he spots you, so move quick!). As long as there were no other guards around, you should be scot-free, but if you did alert any, we recommend the ol' 'block and counter' routine using the Hidden Blade.

With the cage now unguarded, open the door to free the guards. Now you have to lead them to the safe zone, as marked on your map. Because the safe zone is always located on a roof, you should do the same! Try climbing up the same building that you dropped from, just behind the cage, then head right for the safe zone! The thieves should have no trouble keeping up, so long as they don't run into any guards, so try and take them out as you come across them. If a message appears indicating the thieves are engaged in battle, head back and take down their attacker so they can resume their journey. Once you reach the safe zone, wait for one of the thieves to step inside before heading to your next destination, where you should repeat the exact same strategy.

Clothes Make the Man

Loot the 3 Chests

There are three chests. all marked on your map, that you must open. Sounds easy, right? Well, it mostly is. Head for the closest one first--approach it from the river side to grab it without alerting the guards facing away. The next two are each guarded by several soldiers, and so far as we can tell, are impossible to grab without alerting them. As such, you'll have to battle the soldiers to get to them. If you're good with counters, use the Hidden Blade to make short work of them. Otherwise, consider hiring some mercenaries to distract them while you open the chests. Or, if you have any smoke bombs, consider dropping them to grab the chest unfettered.

Steal the Boat

With the three chests collected, head for the boat, as marked on your map. Because it's in a restricted area, it's best to approach from the river--enter it outside the restricted area, then swim under the surface up to the boat. Hop aboard and row it left, toward the destination. Once there, you'll have finished the misison.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Learn Rosa's Climb Leap Technique

This new climbing technique is simple. It's like grabbing a ledge while dropping, except in reverse. As you scale the wall by jumping, simply tap and hold "B" (360) or "O" (PS3) at the peak of each jump to grab the ledge above. As you near the top, leap through the hole on the right of the platform above to reach the end.

By Leaps and Bounds

Ascend the Tower as Fast as Possible Using the Climb Leap

You have 5 minutes to climb the tower…which is more than enough. Star your ascent up the left-most column of the nearby building, using the Climb Leap to grab hold of the ledges (remember, hold "B" (360) or "O" (PS3) at the peak of each jump). Once you've gone up the column as high as you can, sidle right to the cracked front of the building and climb up it to the rooftop.

Once on the roof, follow it to the tower and begin climbing up the center of its south side. Once you've climbed that as high as you can, sidle around to the left side to continue your journey. Step out onto the viewpoint at the top.

Get to the Bottom of the Tower

You know the drill--take a leap of faith from the viewpoint and then speak to Rosa, waiting below.

Everything Must Go

Kill the Archers

There are five archers that you have to take out before going for Antonio. They're all marked on your map and all are near one another. As such, it's practically impossible to stealthily assassinate them all, as the others nearby will likely take notice. However, that shouldn't stop you from trying! You should be able to take out one or two in such a manner--as for the others, simply counter their attacks with the Hidden Blade to do them in.

Meet with Antonio

With the archers down, drop to the ground below and meet with Antonio where marked.

Assassinate Emilio Barbarigo

Climb up the restricted area and take down the nearby rooftop archers. Now use your Eagle Vision to pick out Emilo near a staircase below. There are several methods of getting to him, but here's ours: follow the rooftop to the right, a balcony you can leap to. Now leap from the balcony to the large window ahead--drop through the hole inside and then climb the stairs to find your man. If he runs away, tackle him to the ground and finish him off.

Sequence 8

Birds of a Feather

Follow the Group from a Distance

You'll have to follow the group through town, while maintaining a safe distance to avoid drawing suspicion. Here's a few quick tips to keep in mind.

  • Try to stay at least 17ft back--this ensures you'll be far enough back when the group stops and turns around on occasion to avoid drawing suspicion.
  • Hang back at each corner for a few moments to avoid detection in case the group turns around.
  • No running or pick-pocketing! Running can lead to accidents and draw attention, and pick-pocketing is just tempting fate, so avoid them.
  • Avoid bumping into people carrying crates--doing so will knock them loose, drawing attention.

When you reach the first bridge blocked by guards, don't try and head through. Instead, cross the river to the other side and continue form there. Further ahead, they'll cross through a large building, also blocked by guards. To get around them, simply scale the building to either side and follow from the rooftops. Toward the end of your journey, you'll cross one more bridge that's full of townsfolk carrying objects--exercise extreme caution to avoid bumping into them! Once the group reaches their destination, the mission will end.

If at First you Don't Succeed

Accompany Antonio to Piazza San Marco

You should be able to simply run along the walkway toward your destination, as marked on your map, without incident

Scout the Palazzo with Antonio

You'll have to travel to five different locations in order to discover a way inside the Palazzo. Each one is marked on your map, and none are particularly difficult to get to. The first two can be found on ground level, though the second one is tucked in a small alley between two buildings. For the third, you'll have to clamber up a tall tower. Take a Leap of Faith afterward and continue onto the fourth, just out the Palazzo, on ground level. From there, use the nearby stack of crates to reach the scaffolding above, leading to the rooftop, where you'll find the final checkpoint.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Test Leonardo's Flying Machine

This mission's simple: just practice flying! The machine can't yet fly far enough to reach your destination, so take in the sights before your inevitable crash-landing. The controls for the flying machine are handled entirely by the left stick--tip it up to go down and down to go up.

Well begun is Half Done

Clear the 4 Locations for the Fires

There are several locations marked on your map, and each is guarded by several soldiers. Your goal is to venture to each one and clear out the guards. Usually, you can approach and take down the first guard or two with an assassination--as long as you're quick--then take down any remainders using the block and counter routine (for which the Hidden Blade is most effective). Once you've cleared all four, the mission will be completed.

Infrequent Flier

Use the Fires to Fly to the Palazzo Ducale

Uh-oh, you'll have to use the flying machine again. But this time, you have the aid of up-drafts created by fires scattered all over the city. Because your flying machine is losing altitude constantly, it's important to glide over the fires to climb back up. As such, you may have to avoid flying directly toward your destination, and instead steer from fire to fire, while heading in the general location of the Palazzo Ducale. Oh, and while you've gained the ability to kick archers, it's best not to bother--their aim is pretty poor, so long as you don't fly too close.

Infiltrate the Palazzo Without Being Detected

Upon landing at your destination, you'll have to work your way over to the marked area, on the nearby balcony. To get there, climb down the ladder to a plantation below, then leap to the wall on the right. Follow it around to a series of balconies you can leap across to the marked area.

Assassinate Carlo Grimaldi

Carlo will take off for the courtyard, but he'll be joined by a large group of baddies. If you have a smoke bomb, consider dropping it when they surround you, allowing you to easily assassinate them all while they're having a coughing fit. If you don't have any, stick by the tried and true 'defend and counter' method to take them out. Once you've cleared out the guards, finish Carlo off for good.

Escape the Palazzo and Become Anonymous

The easiest way out of here is to climb the staircase, then the eastern wall and leap into the river below.

Sequence 9

Knowledge is Power

Learn How to use the Pistol

Head to the dock, marked on your map, and use the pistol to take down the three marked guards on the other side of the canal. To properly use the pistol, get close enough to a guard so you can lock-on (the camera zooms in slightly to indicate such), then hold down the fire button until a straight-line forms, then release for an accurate shot. Repeat for the two others.

Return to Leonardo's Workshop

With the trio of guards down, head back to Leonardo's to complete the mission.

Damsels in Distress

Kill the Murderer

Simple enough, right? As you chase after the murderer, he'll stop on occasion to slaughter someone else, giving you a chance to shoot him from afar. If you're having trouble targeting him, try simply chasing him down and tackling him to the ground. He's quick, but he'll often get caught up on something, giving you a prime opportunity to murder him in kind.

Nun the Wiser

Walk with Teodora

Follow Teodora to the carnival. As long as you don't monkey around, there's nothing that can go wrong.

Ribbon Round-Up

Steal Ribbons from the Girls in the District

The goal is to pick-pocket 25 ribbons in total from the groups of girls exploring the carnival. They're all marked on your map, and each group will provide you with a varying amount of flowers. As soon as you've pick-pocketed a single girl in a group, get out of there and hightail it to the next group. Once you've exhausted them all, the mission will end.

And They're Off

Win the Race

There are sixteen checkpoints you have to pass through and you only have two minutes to do it!

The first five are easy enough--just follow the street to them. However, upon reaching the fifth one, follow the stacked crates up and continue along the beams to the sixth on a balcony. From there, turn left and leap to another balcony directly across, then turn right and follow the wooden ledge to the seventh.

From the seventh checkpoint, climb to the roof and follow it so you're just above the eight--drop down to it, then the balcony just below. Now run along the poles to the far wall that you can climb to the ninth. Continue up to the rooftop and follow the wires on the right side to the 10th. Continue along another set to reach the 11th, then across the rooftops to the 12th. Take a flying leap off of the roof into the river below then get back onto land for the 13th. The final 3 are dead-ahead--go for them!


Capture the Flags

Here's the deal: There are three rounds, and you have to collect the flag in each one before your opponent and return it to your base. Luckily, the flag spawns in the exact same place all three times, so you can use the exact same strategy for each round. For each round, start off by running along the rooftop and veering across the balcony on the right (instead of over the building). Continue to the far side of the roof and leap off it toward the flag below--if your aim is right, you'll land right on it!

After grabbing the flag, run up the street, in the same direction you just came from, while evading your opponent (in fact, just after grabbing the flag, make a wide u-turn to avoid him). As you pass through the opening to the waterfront, make a sharp left turn and climb the wall up to your base to score the point! Now repeat twice more and you've got this in the bag.

Cheaters Never Prosper

Defeat Your Opponents

You'll face-off against several lowly opponents one at a time. Luckily, hammering away on the attack button is enough to take them all down! If they do attack, either block or counter it, then continue with the pummeling.

Defeat Silvio's Henchmen

Equip your Hidden Blade and give them the ol' 'block and counter' routine, just as you would any standard guard. They're attacks do come fast, so timing is crucial.

Having a Blast

Locate Dante // Steal the Gold Mask from Dante

Head to the green area marked on your map and use Eagle Vision to spot Dante among the crowd. If you let Dante become aware of your presence, you'll fail the mission. As such, wait for him to pass by at a distance, then approach from behind and pick-pocket him for the mask.

Crash the Party

With the mask in hand, head to the area marked on your map.

Remain Anonymous

Evade the guards and stay out of sight for one minute! There's a haystack in the souther-most corner of the area that's perfect for hiding--just use care in evading the guards as you head there.

Assassinate Marco Barbarigo

You'll find Marco giving a speech from the nearby boat. If you get too close, you'll alert the soldiers guarding him, failing the mission. Thankfully, you just so happen to have a pistol of which's sound will be muffled by the exploding fireworks. Walk toward the boat and blend in with the Courtesans just across from it. Now when ready, step just close enough to Maroc so you can lock-on, then fire the shot to assassinate him.

Escape the Party

With Marco dead, escape the area and head for the area marked on your map to complete the mission.

Sequence 10

An Unpleasant Turn of Events

Head to the mission start location and you're done! Yay!

Caged Fighters

Locate and Free Bartolomeo

Look for Bartolomeo trapped within a cage on the northern side of the highlighted area, by the waterfront. There's a few guards nearby, but they're no match for countering with the Hidden Blade. Once the coast is clear, open the cage's door to free him.

Escort Bartolomeo

Escort Bartolomeo to the point marked on your map. Yeah, you'll run into a few guards along the way, but they're easy enough to take down, especially if they're distracted by Bartolomeo giving you a chance to easily assassinate them from behind.

Defeat the Guard Captain and his Lieutenant

At your destination, you'll encounter two final enemies. The lieutenant is especially easy if he's distracted by Bartolomeo--just creep up behind him for a quick assassination.

Open the Gate to the Headquarters

Just walk up to Bartolomeo to open the door and complete the mission.

Leave No Man Behind

Free the Mercenaries

There are three caged groups of mercenaries scattered around the city, with each one being marked on your map. If you approach each fast enough, you can open the cage before alerting the nearby guards to your presence. Of course, you'll have to deal with the guards afterward, but since they'll be distracted by the mercenaries, you can simply kill them instantly from behind. Now head for the remaining two cages and do the same thing to complete the mission.

Assume the Position

Clear the Marked Location

You'll travel the city with your band of mercenaries in an attempt to clear several locations guarded by soldiers. The locations are all marked readily on your map, and there are only a few guards at each. The easiest way to deal with them is to let the mercenaries distract them, then murder them from behind. With the area cleared, continue onto the next one and do the same.

Two Birds, One Blade

Reach the Viewpoint to Signal the Attack

Climb up the marked tower to signal the attack.

Defend Bartolomeo

After climbing the tower, take a Leap of Faith back to ground-level and approach Bartolomeo.

Dante has Fled. Follow Him.

Chase after Dante! There's not much more to it…

Defeat Dante Moro

After catching up with Dante, you'll have to take him on mano-a-mano. He puts up quite the fight. As such, you're best off grabbing and throwing him, then kicking him while he's down. Then grab him again as he attempts to stand back up and repeat--it will take a while, but this is the best way to inflict damage.

Assassinate Dante Moro and Silvio Barbarigo

After inflicting enough damage on Dante, he'll take off down the street, past a line of soldiers. Follow him past the line and use a double-assassination to take both him and Silvio out at once!

Sequence 11

All Things Come to Those Who Wait

Tail the Courier

Follow the courier through town, much like you have before. Avoid getting too close--instead, hang back as far as you can, using each street corner for cover, as he'll often turn back to face you. As long you can see him, you're close enough. However, he'll often pass through by a blockade of soldiers--clamber over the nearby buildings to get around them.

Take the Courier's Place Without Being Noticed

Clamber over the wall and then cross over a couple of objects in the courtyard to reach the courier chilling inside a walled in area. Approach him from behind and kill him to assume his uniform.

Play Along

Follow the Guard. Don't Draw Attention to Yourself

Follow the guard--as long as you don't run or to anything else out of the ordinary, you'll be fine.

Fight Rodrigo Borgia

Borgia puts up quite the fight. You're best off grabbing and throwing him, then kicking him while he's down. Then grab him again as he attempts to stand back up and repeat--it will take a while, but this is the best way to inflict damage.

After a short while, some additional support will roll in. Take down these guards first before turning your attention back to Borgia.

Sequence 14

X Marks the Spot

In order to gain access to the game's final mission, you'll have to scour the land for the remaining Codex pages. You should have collected at least 14 throughout the course of your journey, leaving 16 more at most. Luckily, their locations are now marked on your map, through you'll have to revisit the previous cities to find them all!

In Bocca Al Lupo

This is it, your final mission. Your first task is to break inside the Vatican by climbing its exterior wall. Follow the beams along the western wall, then up the remainder of the wall. Though a few guards await at the top, a few quick assassinations will take them down. After climbing the wall, look for lever you can pull along the wall to the north, opening a gate. It leads to a second closed gate, guarded by a pair of soldiers--if you run up to them, you can perform a double-assassination for a quick victory. Upon reaching the second closed gate, you can open it by clambering up the wall to a lever on the right which opens the way. Now work your way toward the area marked on your map, battling the guards along the way.

After reaching the marked area on your map, a cutscene concludes leaving you galloping on a horse. Though you'll be knocked off shortly thereafter, hop back on and make way for the long span that can be jumped at full speed. After jumping the gap, you'll fall off the horse once more--kill the guards using the usual 'block and counter' technique. Now work your way from tower to tower, taking a leap of faith from each, and battling the guards along the way. Soon after, the only way to proceed is to blend in with the strolling priests.

Eventually, you'll encounter Rodrigo Boriga giving a speech. Work your way around the upper portions of the room until you're just above him. From here, lock-on and perform an assassination…but, you're not done yet. Now you'll have to battle him head-on, though you're joined by several other Ezios. While they're ineffectual fighters, they will serve as a distraction, giving you some prime chances to attack. Before long, Rodrigo will run off like a little girl--use Eagle Vision to spot the room he's hiding in, where you'll fight him for the last time. Like the last time you fought him, you're best off grabbing and throwing him, then kicking him while he's down, repeating the process before he can fully stand back up. Rinse and repeat until you've won the game!

Assassin's Creed II Achievements

Note that there are Spoilers on this list.

Trophy NameHow To EarnReward
A Piece of the PuzzleUnlock a piece of Subject 16's video.10
An Old Friend ReturnsEscape the hideout.100
An Unexpected JourneyComplete DNA Sequence 6.30
Arrivederci AbstergoBreak out of Abstergo.20
Art ConnoisseurBuy a Painting from Florence and Venice.10
Assassin For HireComplete your first assassination mission for Lorenzo Il Magnifico.10
Bianca's ManComplete DNA Sequence 10.30
Bleeding EffectComplete training and reenter the Animus.30
Bloody SundayComplete DNA Sequence 4.30
Choir BoyDiscover the Assassin's Tomb inside Santa Maria del Fiore (The Duomo).20
DoctorPerform an Air Assassination on a Poisoned NPC.20
Exit the SonComplete DNA Sequence 3.30
Fly SwatterKick a Guard while using the Flying Machine.5
Hallowed be thy nameDiscover the Assassin's Tomb inside the Basilica di San Marco.20
Handy ManUpgrade a building in the Stronghold.10
High DivePerform a Leap of Faith from the Top of Florence's Giotto's Campanile.10
I can see your house from here!Discover the Assassin's Tomb inside the Torre Grossa.20
I like the viewSynchronize 10 View Points.10
In Memory of PetruccioCollect all the Feathers.30
KleptomaniacPickpocket 1000 Florins.10
Lightning StrikeSprint for 100 meters.10
Macho ManDefend a woman's honor.10
MailmanIntercept a Borgia Courrier.10
Man of the PeopleToss more than 300 florins on the ground.10
MasqueradeComplete DNA Sequence 9.30
Messer SandmanStun 4 guards at once by throwing sand in their face.10
Myth MakerFind the 8 statuettes in Monteriggioni.5
No-hitterKill 10 enemies while remaining in conflict without being hit.20
Perfect HarmonyTint your clothes with those colors: Wetland Ebony and Wetland Ivory.10
Podestà of MonteriggioniReach 80% of your stronghold's total value.30
Prison EscapeDiscover the Assassin's Tomb inside the Rocca di Ravaldino fortress.20
Red Light AddictSpend 5000 florins on Courtesans.10
Show your ColorsWear the Auditore cape in each city.10
Steal HomeWin a race against thieves!10
Street CleanerHide 5 dead bodies in a Bale of Hay.10
SweeperSweep 5 guards at once by using a Long Weapon.10
The Birth of an AssassinBe reborn as Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.20
The ConspiratorsComplete DNA Sequence 5.30
The Impenetrable PalazzoComplete DNA Sequence 8.30
The Merchant of VeniceComplete DNA Sequence 7.30
The Pain of BetrayaComplete DNA Sequence 1.30
The ProphetComplete DNA Sequence 1130
The VaultComplete DNA Sequence 14.30
Tip of the IcebergUse your Eagle Vision to scan a Glyph in the environment.10
UndertakerDiscover the Assassin's Tomb inside the catacombs under Santa Maria Novella.20
Venetian GladiatorDiscover the Assassin's Tomb inside Santa Maria della Visitazione.20
VengeanceComplete DNA Sequence 2.30
Victory lies in preparationGet all Hidden Blades, Item Pouches and Armor upgrades for Ezio.10
Vitruvian ManUnlock all 20 pieces of Subject 16's video.20
Welcome to the Animus 2.0Enter the Animus 2.0.20

Assassin's Creed II Trophies

Note that there are Spoilers on this list.

Trophy NameHow To EarnReward
A Piece of the PuzzleUnlock a piece of Subject 16's video.Bronze
An Old Friend ReturnsEscape the hideout.Gold
An Unexpected JourneyComplete DNA Sequence 6.Silver
Arrivederci AbstergoBreak out of Abstergo.Bronze
Art ConnoisseurBuy a Painting from Florence and Venice.Bronze
Assassin For HireComplete your first assassination mission for Lorenzo Il Magnifico.Bronze
Bianca's ManComplete DNA Sequence 10.Silver
Bleeding EffectComplete training and reenter the Animus.Silver
Bloody SundayComplete DNA Sequence 4.Silver
Choir BoyDiscover the Assassin's Tomb inside Santa Maria del Fiore (The Duomo).Bronze
DoctorPerform an Air Assassination on a Poisoned NPC.Bronze
Exit the SonComplete DNA Sequence 3.Silver
Fly SwatterKick a Guard while using the Flying Machine.Bronze
Hallowed be thy nameDiscover the Assassin's Tomb inside the Basilica di San Marco.Bronze
Handy ManUpgrade a building in the Stronghold.Bronze
High DivePerform a Leap of Faith from the Top of Florence's Giotto's Campanile.Bronze
I can see your house from here!Discover the Assassin's Tomb inside the Torre Grossa.Bronze
I like the viewSynchronize 10 View Points.Bronze
In Memory of PetruccioCollect all the Feathers.Bronze
KleptomaniacPickpocket 1000 Florins.Bronze
Lightning StrikeSprint for 100 meters.Bronze
Macho ManDefend a woman's honor.Bronze
MailmanIntercept a Borgia Courrier.Bronze
Man of the PeopleToss more than 300 florins on the ground.Bronze
MasqueradeComplete DNA Sequence 9.Silver
Messer SandmanStun 4 guards at once by throwing sand in their face.Bronze
Myth MakerFind the 8 statuettes in Monteriggioni.Bronze
No-hitterKill 10 enemies while remaining in conflict without being hit.Bronze
Perfect HarmonyTint your clothes with those colors: Wetland Ebony and Wetland Ivory.Bronze
Podestà of MonteriggioniReach 80% of your stronghold's total value.Bronze
Prison EscapeDiscover the Assassin's Tomb inside the Rocca di Ravaldino fortress.Bronze
Red Light AddictSpend 5000 florins on Courtesans.Bronze
Show your ColorsWear the Auditore cape in each city.Bronze
Steal HomeWin a race against thieves!Bronze
Street CleanerHide 5 dead bodies in a Bale of Hay.Bronze
SweeperSweep 5 guards at once by using a Long Weapon.Bronze
The Birth of an AssassinBe reborn as Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.Bronze
The ConspiratorsComplete DNA Sequence 5.Silver
The Impenetrable PalazzoComplete DNA Sequence 8.Silver
The Merchant of VeniceComplete DNA Sequence 7.Silver
The Pain of BetrayaComplete DNA Sequence 1.Silver
The ProphetComplete DNA Sequence 11Silver
The VaultComplete DNA Sequence 14.Silver
Tip of the IcebergUse your Eagle Vision to scan a Glyph in the environment.Bronze
UndertakerDiscover the Assassin's Tomb inside the catacombs under Santa Maria Novella.Silver
Venetian GladiatorDiscover the Assassin's Tomb inside Santa Maria della Visitazione.Bronze
VengeanceComplete DNA Sequence 2.Silver
Victory lies in preparationGet all Hidden Blades, Item Pouches and Armor upgrades for Ezio.Bronze
Vitruvian ManUnlock all 20 pieces of Subject 16's video.Bronze
Welcome to the Animus 2.0Enter the Animus 2.0.Silver

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