Asiasoft selling Diablo III at discount price in Singapore and Malaysia

Offer to last from May 15 to May 30; customers get free SteelSeries mousepad.

Diablo III distributors Asiasoft Online will be selling the action RPG at a discounted price to celebrate its one year anniversary.

The standard version of the game will now cost S$69 ($55) and RM168 ($56) in Singapore and Malaysia, respectively. Customers who buy the game will get a free SteelSeries Diablo III mouse pad. The offer ends on May 30.

Diablo III will be sold at a discount price in Asia until May ends.

Outlets in Singapore offering this promotion include Gamescore, Funz Centre, and Challenger. For a full list of stores in Singapore and Malaysia, check out the official Asian site for Diablo III.

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