Asiasoft opens new server for Ragnarok Online 2

Third new server opens this week due to overwhelming response to open beta; in-game cash shop now accessible.

Southeast Asia company Asiasoft--the publisher behind the English version of Ragnarok Online 2--will be opening a new server for the game.

The new server is called Freyja and is available for players to go onto during the open beta phase of the game. According to Asiasoft, the server was added due to the overwhelming response to the game from users in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. In addition, players can now gain full access to the in-game cash shop where they can buy exclusive in-game clothing, equipment, and mounts.

Ragnarok Online 2's open beta launched last month. For more information, check out GameSpot's recent coverage on the title.

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They are making a big mistake for joining up with Asiasoft. Asiasoft is a TERRIBLE company. I had been an Asiasoft customer for many years and their services is pathetic. As a customer who spend thousand of dollar in the game, Asiasoft BANNED me 4 months ago from the game, they accused me for hacking which I did not hack the game at all. I was simply forced to quit the game which I love.


Don't let this happen to you...


I'd just like to point out that.. Calling it "SEA" is rather BS. Not the fault of Toyad, but rather that its wrongly worded by Asiasoft themselves. The game isn't SEA as it doesn't cater to the entire SEA. People from the Philippines, Taiwan or Indonesia can't even play without having to find alternative ways to access the game.



Companies should stop using these terms if they don't include every nation included in such.