Artist Arcade - League of Legends

This edition of Artist Arcade highlights amazing fan art for League of Legends!

Artist Arcade is where GameSpotters go to check out some of the amazing art created by the fans. If you're interested in finding some amazing art, then you've come to the right place. The Artist Arcade is also perfect for gamers to show off their game-inspired paintings, drawings, sketches, cartoons, sculptures, and cosplay.

In this edition of the Artist Arcade, we're featuring League of Legends, highlighting champions such as Sona, Annie, Teemo, and more! Visit the League of Legends gallery collection to see more.

Want to be featured in the next Artist Arcade? Check out the lineup of art we're looking to feature in the coming weeks!

Special thanks to the amazing GameSpotter and Deviant artists who contributed to this week's Artist Arcade: ~JenRos, tanathe, ~Cottico, ~happip, ~shawli2007, *LuniKat, ~inkinesss, ~2013, ~ToxicAngell, ~MishaRoute, ~AsianPants, ~Mister-Crab, ~Yaztory, ~Lahhtoota, ~Songoanda, *ffSade, *Tsunyandere, *urusai-baka, =5-ish, *Anarki3000, ~RiyokuSakimori, ~MapleDragon, and ~Nfouque.

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League of Legends

League of Legends

chicknfeet moderator

No love for Master Yi T_T

vguy555 moderator

This stuff is amazing, wish I could create art of this quality. 

shadowchronicle moderator

:D I love all of this work.  Which reminds me DA should be added to the image uploading options.

kitty moderator

Very nice.


Nice, collection very nice.