Armies of Exigo breaches gold

RTS from EA is "groundbreaking"; game features battles above and below the surface of the world. PC title goes to war November 30.

Electronic Arts' latest real-time strategy game, Armies of Exigo, has broken the surface and gone gold.

The game features three factions battling for control of Exigo. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses, and players will have the opportunity to play all three in the single-player campaign. The Empire, made up of humans and elves, uses conventional units, such as swordsmen, and can improve on hit points. The Beasts, comprising mythological creatures such as goblins and harpies, gain bonuses to speed and strength as they reach veteran status. The Fallen form armies of insectlike monsters that gain power collectively. In addition, non-player parties, which sometimes include orcs and ogres, will jump into the scrum.

In Armies of Exigo, large-scale battles take place simultaneously both above and below the ground. Gamers will be challenged to find the best strategy to conquer both surfaces by employing such tactics as battling from higher ground and using volcanic activity to gain an upper hand.

Armies of Exigo also supports 12-player multiplayer action. The mode includes variants of capture the flag and skirmish, as well as a custom mode.

Armies of Exigo is rated "T" for Teen and will sell for an MSRP of $39.99. Those eager to jump into battle can download the single-player and multiplayer demos now at GameSpot's own DLX download service.

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