ArchLord Developer Diary #3 - The Final Chapter

In the final part of the Lore of ArchLord by developer NHN, discover the impact of the Hundred Days War and its aftermath.


Not all of Chantra shows signs of bloodshed.

1.15. Dulan 522--The Beginning of the Hundred Days War

By now Ugdrasil had gone very far down the dark path the prophet had spoken of. He saw ultimate power as the only source of peace, and from his studies into the darkest corners of Elemental magic he began to crave the ultimate power of an ArchLord.

He studied the ancient records of Walcure and began to understand the actions of Cyripus. He realized Cyripus had discovered Dulan was the hiding place of an Archon, and Ugdrasil began to move. He started calling for a return to orc supremacy in Chantra. The older generation of orcs supported and agreed with him, but this antagonistic attitude worried some of Ugdrasil's friends and advisors who had been with him from the beginning of his rise to power, especially Lamunesil. He led a group of orcs who began again to call for peace with humans.

Ugdrasil saw only a threat to his power; he took another step down that dark path. He ordered the arrest and execution of Lamunesil, his oldest friend and practically a brother. The older warrior orcs carried out Ugdrasil's order enthusiastically. When all his opponents in the orc nation were destroyed, Ugdrasil declared war on Dulan. He raised a huge army and marched against the human nation, right to the walls of the human capitol city.

Some parts of the world still show obvious signs of ancient conflict.

1.16. Dulan 523--The End of the Hundred Days War

Dulan's military force had been decimated by the battle with Cyripus. They realized they faced certain death as the orcs gathered to go against them. But the names of heroes inspire great deeds among ordinary men. When humans across Chantra heard that Zian was in trouble, they took up arms and rushed to fight alongside him. This display of courage and loyalty inspired the average citizens of Dulan to find weapons and fight the orcs as well. The battle raged right at the gates of Dulan.

In the middle of the desperate fighting, Ugdrasil came face to face with his old battle brother Zian. They paused, and Zian began to talk in his old way about finding peace through an understanding between the two races. Ugdrasil could only laugh at these naive ideas. He spoke of his failures in trying to foster peace without force, and the promise of the power of the ArchLord.

Zian saw clearly his old friend had lost his way and become drunk with power. He remembered the prophecy, and realized Ugdrasil was the one on the dark path. He remembered other things the old mystic had talked about--the power of the Archons--and he knew his own sword contained one. He tapped into that power, wanting to use it only for peace. The Elemental force spread out around him and the hordes of orcs and desperate humans collapsed, too weak to go on fighting. Zian and Ugdrasil alone faced each other on the battlefield.

The two of them began a fierce battle, just as their ancestors Nathan and Walcure had fought nearly to the death 500 years before. Evenly matched, Zian and Ugdrasil also finally collapsed from exhaustion and deep wounds. As they lay there, Ugdrasil crawled toward his childhood friend and reached out for Brumhart. But he was too weak to take control of the Archon contained in the sword. The rush of pure Elemental power killed him.

When Zian revived, he mourned his battle brother, and the Hundred Days War was over. The magic staff Gaiahon was given to King Ladeus III for safekeeping.

The world is not just known for its wars and vicious fauna, you know.

1.17. Dulan 524--After the War

Orcs and humans returned to their own territories, but peace did not come. Instead of being besieged by warriors and battles, the whole land began to be plagued by diseases, locusts, rats, and magical pests. Everyone struggled just to survive. Zian knew the people needed a hero once again, and he set out to find what was causing such great destruction, helping everyone regardless of their race.

But a warrior can't fight disease with his sword, and Zian soon fell ill and died. He had helped so many that not just humans mourned his passing--many orcs and some from other races were sorry to hear that the hero Zian was gone.

Zian had no family, so King Ladeus III prepared him for burial. He decided Brumhart should go to the grave with him--but when he picked up the sword he found both the magic seal and the Archon were gone. He checked on Gaiahon, but it was also missing its Archon. No one knew who had taken them. The Archons were lost once again.

What happened was that Gracia had heard of Zian's death, and was worried the Archons no longer had a hero to protect them. She was nearing the end of her life, but she was able to sneak in to Dulan and take all three of the Archons hidden there. For a brief time, she possessed four of the five Archons, but she had no desire for the power of an ArchLord. She hid them in secret places.

Gracia knew their power should only be wielded by worthy, strong heroes, and none were to be found. Worse yet, rumors told of a dark shadow moving over the Lake of Anger in the Northernland one night when the fog was thick: an army of dark, terrifying beasts led by a dark figure. It was Dikain, wielding the power of the Wind Archon. In his solitude and fear he, too, had gone down a twisted, evil path and had raised an unholy army. He was now seeking the power of the ArchLord for himself, and was willing to plunge the continent into chaos to get it.

History is crying out for a new hero.



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